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WTF is up with Sherlock fan fic lately?! The vast majority of the fics I've come across recently with a really promising premise (like Moriarty abducting Sherlock and then sending John videos of torturing him in various ways - obviously not new, but one I just recently came across) by authors I hadn't read before turn out to be badly written: bad characterization, bad grammar, using similarly sounding words the wrong way (i.e. taught instead of taut etc.), endless and unnecessary internal waffling from all parties inserted in a dialogue scene (enabled by changes of POV every few paragraphs)... *shudders, pulls at own hair* Makes me wish I could shred digital fic like paper! (Sadly I don't have an icon of Sherlock shooting the wall, or one of his face when he deduces the CIA men grabbing Mrs. Hudson, which would both fit marvelously...)

Thank goodness some of the established authors are still active and maintaining the quality, and there is the occasional good fic by new authors too, but it's so tedious - and from my experience, unusual/a recent trend in this fandom - having to sift through all that tripe to get to the few gems. :/
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