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Jul. 24th, 2017 01:27 am
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For those who might be interested in such things, [personal profile] balsamandash is raising some money by doing Tarot readings, very affordably. I had her do a one card free draw for me and was very pleased at the level of detail. I'm definitely getting a longer reading.

Link to her post with the details for readings is Here
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(Part 1 can be found here )

The Ensemble:

It’s a bit invidious of me to divide the cast into ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Ensemble’; mainly because (unlike the last Hamlet production I saw *cough*), we’re not looking at a play consisting of STAR and the rest. Every character is fully integrated, and can be seen to possess their own backstory. In other words – all their performances are are all layered and nuanced; and each has their ‘moment in the sun’ onstage. The ensemble contains stars, sure. Andrew Scott, Juliet Stevenson, Jessica Brown Findlay, David Rintoul and, arguably Peter Wight and Angus Wright could reasonably lay claim to star-(or one-time-star-)status; whilst Luke Thompson is surely a star of the future on stage and tv.

So here are my impressions of some fine actors doing their job supremely:

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Gertrude and Claudius
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’The Polonii’
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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
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Old Hamlet/The Ghost
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I've treated some of this miles-deep interpretation of Hamlet in some depth .. and yet STILL there are things I've had to leave out. The Players and their wonderful dumb-show of The Mousetrap; the Gravedigger; the soldiery; the actors who only appeared on the screens. I can only say that the play runs until September 2. There's still time to see it if you can get hold of a ticket!

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