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From the official PBS twitter:

I hope I'll be able to watch it online somewhere once it aired, as we don't have any TV connection currently.

I know I know, I still need to put together a fandom post... although by now both The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug and Sherlock S3 are almost an old hat (well, S3E3 of the latter aired in the US tonight, but many Americans have seen it already anyway...) but I would still like to put down some of my reactions/thoughts. As much as I remember them, hee. Oh, and Benedict has written the foreward for Weta's upcoming book about the design/creation of Smaug for DoS - can't wait to hold that book in my greedy little hands!
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Just a reminder that [livejournal.com profile] caias' ebook is now available for free on Amazon.com for a few days. Please download, read, and review!

Thank you!
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[livejournal.com profile] caias' novel Prodigal (ebook) will be available for free on Amazon.com from October 12th to the 14th. It's a Young Adult Sci-Fi novel, but most importantly, it's one of those stories you can't put down - and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased! I'm desperate for more, so please download, read and review to let Caias know he needs to start working on the sequel already! ;)
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Here are the last few Hobbit related stories I had pending in my tabs:

Peter Jackson: snippets of Del Toros’ Hobbit remain

Commencement - from "The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films" author Doug Adams, marking the start of the Hobbit recording session in London on Monday, August 20, 2012, and announcing he will write another book about the music of The Hobbit.

Peter Jackson: King of the little people

Why Rings museum was ditched

Cate Blanchett Talks About Returning To Role Of Galadriel

Also, there is an official Hobbit design contest. I haven't looked at it yet myself, but I thought the artists among you might be interested. :)

A meme!

Aug. 11th, 2011 11:50 pm
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Haven't done any in ages, but this one is fairly quick, so:

Bold if you've read, italicize ones you fully intend to read, underline if it's a series you've read part but not all of.

NPR's Top 100 SFF Books list

My list )

Of course quite a few of these books I haven't heard of, so I don't know if I'd be interested in reading them or not!

Still need a book/reading icon - actually, didn't I have some in the works somewhere? Need to go dig around in my LJ icons folder...
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Lions Gate makes another run at MGM

October 12th, 2010 by Altaira | Source: LA Times Company Town blog | Discuss | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

The LA Times is reporting that Lions Gate has thrown its hat in the ring one more time for control of MGM.


SPADA and Actors Equity New Zealand to Meet

October 12th, 2010 by Altaira | Source: tv.co.nz | Discuss | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

The New Zealand actor’s union has accepted an invitation to meet with the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA).

And if anyone is interested, Doug Adams has posted video clips of his and Howard Shore's talk at Barnes&Noble in New York last Thursday, October 8th, at the occasion of the signing of Doug's "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films" book. I can personally attest that it was well worth attending, so do take a look! :) Plus Doug is very very cute.
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Doug Adams has posted a slideshow of some pages of "The Music of the LotR Films" here. :) It's available for pre-order at Amazon.com (for $59.95) - not sure about other Amazon incarnations, though it should be available soon I'm sure.

A listing of the tracks on the "Rarities Archive" CD that will accompany the book is available here.

ETA: Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk now have pre-orders available too!
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The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films

In-Depth Journey into Howard Shore’s Academy Award®-Winning Score

(July, 28, 2010—New York, NY) Carpentier and Alfred Music Publishing are pleased to announce the release of The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, a comprehensive account of Howard Shore’s score for the trilogy, by Doug Adams. The book will be available in the European Union on September 28 and in the U.S. and worldwide on October 5, 2010.

The culmination of almost a decade of writing and research, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films is an unprecedented look at Howard Shore’s Academy Award®-winning score, with extensive music examples, original manuscript scores, a rarities CD, and glimpses into the creative process from the composer, himself.

Read the full release at the link.

AND - they'll have a book signing in NYC on October 7th! And I should most likely be able to go! :D *fingers crossed*


Jun. 21st, 2010 06:30 pm
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Finally - a preview of the cover of Doug Adams' book "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films". The dust jacket illustration by Alan Lee is of a very emotional moment in the films...

Can't wait to hear/see the full details! :D

Plus: TORn has posted some more LotR Archive clips, this time from the 2002 Oscars.
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And not in a movie or TV series, but in a documentary about the Rolling Stones' time in France, during which they recorded their "Exile on Main Street" album. I'm SO GLAD I now have the BBC channels on TV and can record this!

Apparently there will also be an exhibition of photographs from that period, taken by Dominique Tarlé, who contributed a lot of the photos to Robert Greenfield's book "A Day in the Life" about Jake's family. Unfortunately it's in July/August which means it's highly unlikely that I can go. Oh well, it's for a very good reason, which I have to post about still, but now I have to get off my behind and get going on that Open University assignment that's due on Tuesday...
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I just finished reading "A Day in the Life" about Jake Weber's parents (see my previous entry about it). I would have finished it earlier if I hadn't needed to do it in little portions. Seriously, I sometimes just had to stop, because some of the stuff that went on was just insane, and I really don't know how Jake and his younger brother Charley came out of this without being complete wrecks. Now I have to try to work out a coherent "review" for the agothic Yahoogroup... but I need to let it sink in and gestate first.

On a different note: Whee, Torchwood all week long from tomorrow night on! \o/
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I'm in a real in-between state - I've barely unpacked from Vienna, and only started putting together the clothes for London, though at least I have my outfits for the two times I'm going to see The King and I. I hope the Tube strike's aftermath will be over by the time I arrive in town tomorrow afternoon - thank goodness they didn't include Friday! Got my train tickets booked for the trip to/from the airport here, and also for my lunch appointment on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and F., a.k.a. the Queen of Evil. Can't wait! *bounce* :D

Also can't wait to see Daniel on stage!!! And pleasepleasepPLEASE let him come to the stage door!!! omg just thinking about the possibility of actually briefly meeting/talking to Daniel makes me all jalkjfalösdfjaösljd!!!

I started reading A Day in the Life, which at this point is still dealing with the families of Jake's parents, which - wow. I had no idea that they were *that* high in British high society, particularly on his mother's side. The opening was actually difficult to read, as it starts with a crucial and emotionally harrowing moment in the life of young Jake and his brother. I did read some tidbits from later in the book - definitely an interesting and at some times omg-this-can't-be-real read ahead! And the photos are interesting - Jake looks so much like his father. Yup, I know what travel lecture I'm taking.

But enough babbling - work to do... I'll TTY again at the latest next week!
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A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People, and the End of the Sixties (Hardcover) by Robert Greenfield.

Why would I want this book, you ask? It's about my darling Jake Weber's family! I knew he had a hippie childhood and that he'd gone to Summerhill School, but never heard any details about his youth. But this - wow. From the Seattle Times review:

All of this would play as a typical '60s sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll fable if it weren't for the presence of the couple's two sons, who end up as shellshocked passengers on this doomed voyage. That Charley and Jake Weber survived this childhood — and Jake ended up as an actor on NBC's "Medium" — is the most remarkable part of the story. Much of Greenfield's account comes from the boys' memories, as Puss carts them across India in a scene that reads like Esther Freud's "Hideous Kinky," while Tommy uses them as drug mules.

Tommy=their Dad, "Puss"=their Mum, Susan Coriat

So Jake and his brother must have talked to Greenfield. I can't wait for this book to arrive!
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My former coworker (he was in IT here until the end of last year) who joined us at the LotR showing/concert Saturday has read the "Sword of Truth" books that Legend of the Seeker is based on, and is watching the series, so we've been sending a few mails back and forth this morning on that subject. From his reply to my question if the Mord Sith appear in the books (rough translation, sorry):

The Mord Sith have a rather important role in the second part of the first book. small cut due to plot spoiler ) There's lots of torture and sex. ;-)

ROTFL!!! I didn't say anything about particularly enjoying those scenes in my e-mails! So what gave me away - was it the fact that Darken Rahl is my favourite character? Or was it something [livejournal.com profile] shirasade and I said on Saturday? *snigger*
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MTV: John Noble won’t Reprise Role in ‘Hobbit’ Films
August 27th, 2008 by Calisuri | Source: MTV Movie Blog | Discuss

It has been well documented that Guillermo del Toro will approach the original The Lord of the Rings cast to reprise their roles in Middle-earth should the script call for it. News comes today from the MTV Movie Blog that one such actor, John Noble, won’t be available:

“If they said, ‘Would you come and play Denethor again,’” Noble said, “I would have to say, ‘No, I’m doing [new J.J. Abrams television series] ‘Fringe’! And I certainly couldn’t play a younger Denethor or even Ecthelion now that I’m an older John. Not even with makeup.”
For the full story, jump on over to the MTV Movie Blog. [Read More]

And a REALLY cute Craig Parker story: My daughter, the famous actor, and the plastic animals: A story of contingency I can SO see him do that! :D *still needs to make a Craig icon*

Just to warn you: I am having problems with Windows suddenly and without discernible cause hanging during startup, so until I found a solution I may be absent/quiet, since my laptop which I'd usually use in such a a case is currently sans harddisc. Of course. *rolls eyes* I hope I can find out what's causing this asap, but you never know.

Still reading "Babylon Babies". Behind a cut to spare those not interested, but no spoilers )
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Wheee, it's making progress! Author Doug Adams is even giving us a sneak preview of it... sort of! As he writes, "Click for a better look, but don't lean in too closely, you're apt to do your eyes permanent harm!" :D


Also, courtesy of Kristin Thompson:


tempest in a teapot indeed!

Back on May 24, I posted a piece called “Relax: The Times’ Story about the Lawsuit Is a Tempest in a Teapot.” There I pointed out that the piece published in the London Times, “Hobbit movies meet dire foe in the son of Tolkien,” was essentially a overly dramatic rehash of already-known facts, with a some errors and an unattributed quotation tossed in.

Today, as TheOneRing.net points out, the Times printed an apology to Christopher Tolkien, admitting that the piece contained mistakes and misleading passages. There’s no separate URL for it, and the story is bound to scroll off the “News in Brief” page soon, so instead of linking it, I’ll quote it in full:

Read more... )

ETA: TORn have posted another Tolkien Flashback.


May. 7th, 2008 07:15 pm
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Fortsetzung der Filmmusik-Live-Aufführungen von Lord of The Rings:
«The Two Towers» im März 2009
mit dem Kinofilm auf Grossleinwand

Vorverkaufsbeginn voraussichtlich September 2008


Continuation of the film soundtrack live performances of Lord of the Rings:
«The Two Towers» in March 2009
with the film projected on cinema screen

Opening of presale probably September 2008

Again at the KKL in Lucerne, of course. I know it's almost a year yet, but still - wheeeeee!!! Everyone who would like to join me, take note please - I'll set a reminder in Outlook for myself so I won't forget to check in September, and I'll give a heads up as soon as I found that the presale has opened! :)

Speaking of the LotR soundtracks - as you all know, I tend to be forgetful, so I have created a feed for the blog of Doug Adams, author of the upcoming book "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films":


If you add it to your friendslist, you'll see all Doug's updates among your other friends' posts - no having to remember to trek over to his blog to check for them yourself. :) Apparently information about the "release timeframe" (quoting Doug) should be coming soon. *bounce* Some info is in this recent TORn interview with Doug - which I completely missed, somehow!
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I'm on TORn. :)

My pictures from last night are now up here. Sorry for the blurriness particularly of the after-concert photos - some I just had to include anyway because I liked them for some reason. However the few I took at the signing came out pretty good. :)

I owe hugs and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope and [livejournal.com profile] ismenin for getting me the John Barrowman autobiography - thank you darlings! It arrived on Friday but in the pre-trip chaos I forgot to let you know. I read it all on the trip - I'm certain there were others on the train wondering who that madwoman was who kept giggling and mouthing things to herself, but hey, at least I didn't talk to myself out loud! There certainly are some episodes which I'd love to hear more about... and not just the one of John and Scott in a tree. ;)
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As you probably already know, John Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes" was released yesterday in book form in the UK. From 4. February on you'll also be able to get an abridged audio version, read by John himself. There's an excerpt, about a very pivotal moment in his career, as well as a video clip of him recording a pivotal moment in his personal life for the audiobook, on John's official site. Unfortunately you can't rightclick-save them and the video clip is pretty big and therefore potentially problematic for some, so if you're interested but can't get them to work like this, feel free to download them, bundled into a zip file, here.

PS: Y'all did hear about him doing booksignings around the UK, yes? The first one was yesterday in Birmingham, the rest of the dates are in February.
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I have the distinct feeling that this week will be not only stressful as in amount of work, but also as in it will cost me an indistinct amount of nerves. Ooh yes, and That Time of the Month (TM) is also looming near... perfect!

At least I can snuggle into my lovely soft possumdown (opossum fur and merino wool mixture) jumper from New Zealand. Speaking of which - go download/listen to the podcast of Doug Adams, who wrote the liner notes and the annotated score for the LotR Complete Recording CDs. Some interesting little tidbits and at the end he mentions the upcoming (in November 2008 probably *sob*) book about the LotR soundtrack. I wonder if the rarities he mentions will be included on CD?! Otherwise it wouldn't really make much sense talking about them in the book. Eeeh! *crosses fingers*

Still behind on comments etc., sorry. I'm just all over the place right now.

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