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The Hampstead Theatre finally put up details about their Everything is Illuminated play.

Dang - not the best schedule for me. Cut for rambling about holiday plans )

Right, bedtime NOW!!! Sweet dreams everyone!
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Have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope, at a few questions I just went "Bzuh?!" :) And as for the result - erm... pardon?

My Subversive Alternative Paradigm )

ETA: Everything Is Illuminated - the Play Must try to fit that into my schedule while in the UK! *bounce*

There was something else I wanted to post about, but I can't for the life of me remember... oh well, it will come back to me eventually I hope.
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EII is showing at the 4th ANNUAL PHILADELPHIA HOLOCAUST FILM SERIES on May 14. Details here. (Whoever wrote that entry should be smacked - it's Liev SCHREIBER, not Schriever!)
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Wheee! EII and HoV DVDs arrived today - so I have viewing material for the weekend! *bounce* Of course I've already watched the EII deleted scenes - I just can't stop giggling madly and at the same time being turned on in a very weird way at the car washing scene... despite the porn 'stache. But other than this, that bitch sure has good taste in men! ;)

[livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and other Firefly/Serenity/Nathan Fillion fans - you can find some clips of Nathan's new film Slither, including a brief interview with him, over here! ETA: Roger Ebert's review, which contains some spoilers for the beginning/rough outline mostly. A non-spoilerish excerpt:

What's interesting is that this story sounds so worn-out and yet it works. There is some humor in the plot, effective action and scenes that entertain us because of how stupidly the characters behave. [...]

There are better movies opening this weekend. There are better movies opening every weekend. But "Slither" has a competence to it, an ability to manipulate obligatory horror scenes in a way that works. Given my theory of the star rating system, which suggests movies should be rated by their genres, "Slither" gets two if "28 Days Later" gets three. On the other hand, "Basic Instinct 2" also opens today, and in the genre of slick and classy big-star thrillers, if "Fatal Attraction" gets 2-1/2 stars, then "Basic Instinct 2" gets 1-1/2. On the third hand, a lot of people would probably enjoy "Basic Instinct 2" more than "Slither." One of these days, I'm going to have to take that star rating system and feed it to a meat-eating slime-slug.

I haven't watched all clips yet (am going through them currently) but I certainly agree on the humour! *giggle*

[livejournal.com profile] ismenin - Your spider chart arrived! Now that makes much more sense than the examples I'd found online! Thanks a lot! :D

I still didn't sleep as well as I'd have liked to, but at least significantly longer than the previous nights.

I think that's it for now - have a good Friday everyone!
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Here's my little log of my cinema day in Zurich. Slight spoilers for both Brokeback Mountain and Everything is Illuminated.

2006-02-18 Zurich cinema day )

And that's it. :)

Well I only just got up something like 10 minutes ago, have yet to eat anything - and rats I need to go get some breaed but I don't want to, even if the shop is only 2 minutes from here - but I wanted to post this already. Still knackered as I had some weird dreams last night, something X-Files like and I was Scully and pregnant and there was that woman that was after me which we had captured but we let her go because she could give us more clues, and then two other dreams at least which kept me going in and out of sleep. *yawns* Will now go see what I can whip together for a small meal, then tackle my flist. And I really really need to do some studying.

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Office mate went to see Brokeback Mountain last night. )

Very ironic that office mate - who's originally from Zurich - went to see it here, and I will go see it in Zurich. Well if not for it being subtitled, she wouldn't have gone here either.

I got tickets for Brokeback Mountain and Everything is Illuminated this Saturday in Zurich - and I reckon it will be quite an emotionally taxing cinema day! I just hope it won't be too much, and that seeing BM first won't somehow blunt my reaction to EII - I have about 1 1/2 hours after BM to recover somewhat. I'll take my laptop, so I may well put down my first impressions to post online later. Won't get back until midnight-ish though, so I may as well head to bed directly, especially since Friday (tomorrow!) night I'll go see Bloodhound Gang at a local club (omfg still can't believe it - must take earplugs) and I have no idea how late I'll get home then. We'll see. OMG finally!!!

Oh yes and I'm hoping for a few more votes in my icon poll. :)
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kissing_athelas for posting pics from two of the deleted scenes that will be on the EII DVD... I can NOT wait to get my hands on the DVD so I can see Lij "in action" in that first scene!!!! *giggles uncontrollably* Can't you just imagine Lij having a total ball shooting this?!

On another note - have to add the Walk the Line DVD to my Amazon Wishlist. Seriously good movie, and Joaquin is phenomenal - Reese is great too, oh and the two of them singing - nothing short of amazing! Are there some songs on the soundtrack with them doing the vocals? That was the one thing that I was disappointed about with the Doors soundtrack - that they only had the original versions (and hey, I LOVE Jim's voice), not even a single song with Val doing the vocals, and I thought he did a good job.
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Less than two weeks for me now...
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They're already showing Everything is Illuminated in Lausanne and Geneva! And Brokeback Mountain in Lausanne! And the German part of Switzerland has to wait for both until February 16th!!! Four more weeks!!!



Dec. 21st, 2005 05:00 pm
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It's probably been mentioned by someone already, but better safe than sorry: The US DVD of Everything Is Illuminated will be released on March 21st - and the British DVD on March 26th! I hope the promised deleted scenes will be on both!!! And dare we hope for a commentary with Liev, Elijah and Eugene?
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Spent most of today in bed - every time I thought to get up I dozed off again. I did get up around noon to eat a bite and download my e-mail. Will have some tea now and try to come up with the energy to make dinner. Maybe I'll stick to yoghurt and stuff like that.

Just checked the Swiss cinema release date listing and omg Everything is Illuminated is listed for 14 February - same day as Brokeback Mountain! Guess I'll have to find a cinema in Zurich that plays them on the same day and preferrably in the afternoon! And imagine how surprised I was to see that On a Clear Day is listed for release on 22 December?! I doubt I'll get to see it though, as I probably won't get to Zurich before the new year. Rats.

Speaking of films, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the flight to LA, which was good - I like the dark humour. On the way to Auckland the plane didn't have individiual screens and I decided to forego Dukes of Hazzard... *shudder* On the flight from Auckland to LA [livejournal.com profile] foxykc and I watched The World's Fastest Indian, and then The Island, which was better than expected - but then as KC said, how can you go wrong with a film that has both Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean in it? ;) On the flight from LA to Zurich, I watched a documentary about George Michael - seems to be a very recent one as it chronicles events up to 2004, and it was quite interesting.

ETA: Good grief, how could I forget to mention: In NZ we also saw Narnia which was good but certainly nowhere near the same league as LOTR, and King Kong. Which IMNSHO is a 3-hour "OH.MY.GOD." moment! Seriously, GO SEE IT! PJ certainly has outdone himself. It's amazing, and what a ride! There are a few scenes where some people may have to shut their eyes but omg the film is very much worth sitting through them! GO SEE IT!!! The 8th wonder of the world indeed...

Well, I better go make my tea...
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Well... while this article almost exclusively makes me shake my head (So liek, ALL the book fans and ALL the critics are bashing the film?! Gosh, did I imagine the good reviews then?!) /sarcasm), it tells me that EII either opened this or will open next Thursday in Australia. However, despite a very rigid search online, I can't find a release date for New Zealand... Well there's still time, so I'll keep hoping...
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I shouldn't read any EII reviews anymore. Especially not ones like this. They remind me how I want to see it so badly, but they just won't let me!!! *sob*

ETA: PLEASE let this be a good omen!!!!
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I'm not sure if I mentioned this already... but in about two hours (3PM EST, 8PM GMT and 9PM CET), there will be a live chat with Liev Schreiber! So if there are any questions you wanted to ask him about EII or of course any of his other projects, now's the time! You can find all the necessary information here. You'll have to sign up to the forum so you can access chat.
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They took a chance. So did Liev Schreiber when he directed “Everything is Illuminated,” starring Elijah Wood as a solemn young man who goes to the Ukraine to thank the woman who saved his grandfather’s life, and meets two half-crazy guides who specialize in “tours of dead Jews.” There is the old grandfather (Boris Leskin) and his grandson (Eugene Hutz), an actor who sings with a gypsy punk band and is in his first movie. The film begins as a screwball comedy and finds a trajectory straight to the beating heart of truth, and how Schreiber controls that tonal shift in his directorial debut is hard to say, but he does. I went to see the film a second time because I felt I had been paying the wrong kind of attention when I saw a screening a month ago, and I was right about being wrong. Yes, I gave it thumbs up on TV, but I wasn’t focused on its greatness. I think it helps to see it twice, to understand the journey it takes.

Someone mentioned he'd be reviewing EII on this coming Sunday's show - I hope someone can tape and upload it, would love to see/hear what he has to say on the show!
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Missed it yesterday. This one is so-so.

Posted: Sun., Sep. 4, 2005

Everything Is Illuminated

A Warner Independent PicturesWarner Independent Pictures release of a Big Beach production. Produced by Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf. Executive producer, Matthew Stillman. Directed, screenplay by Liev Schreiber, based on the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Jonathan Safran Foer - Elijah Wood
Alex - Eugene Hutz
Grandfather - Boris Leskin
Lista - Laryssa Lauret


The precocious literary gymnastics of Jonathan Safran Foer's bestselling novel have been boiled down to more elementary Holocaust-related memorabilia in 'Everything Is Illuminated.' )

ETA: I should point out this is a rather typical Variety review - yes they're usually that snobbish.
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It's good but somehow I get the impression the reviewer didn't read the book, despite mentioning it at the beginning...

Sep. 07, 2005

Everything Is Illuminated
By Michael Rechtshaffen

Bottom line: Leave it to Liev: Schreiber capably adds writer-director to his impressive resume with this winning take on the Jonathan Safran Foer novel. )
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From the Hollywood Reporter (subscribers only):

Liev Schreiber, the New York theater and film actor, searched for his roots while filming his directorial debut, "Everything Is Illuminated" in contemporary Odessa and the countryside outside of Prague. His adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's 2001 novel stars Elijah Wood as a young man trying to find his grandfather's Ukrainian village. Former Soviet screen star Boris Leskin and Ukrainian-born New York musician Eugene Hutz play his tour guides. "They both learned Ukrainian for the part," Schreiber said. "That's more than you could ask."

Raised in the Eastern European film tradition by his family, Schreiber brings the absurdist humor and rhythms of the films of Milos Forman, Dusan Makavejev and Emir Kusturica to the movie. Speaking by the phone from the Venice International Film Festival where the film received a 20-minute ovation, Schreiber said, "I had wanted so much to make this a European film. Jonathan and I compared stories of our grandfathers. I wanted to show their survivors' sense of humor: If you believe your life is excrement then you either drown in it or transcend it with irony. That's a distinct Eastern European trait."

Seriously, I'm so fucking excited and relieved that I could cry! I also wish I could have been there and see this, but OMFG I'M SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!! *squishes everyone involved in the making, from JSF himself to the dogs who playes Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.* Of course the wait until Christmas or whenever we really will get it here will only be more and more unbearable the more people on my wishlist have seen it... I don't think except for LOTR I've EVER awaited any film with so much anticipation and impatience! At least I'll have the NZ trip to distract me immediately beforehand...

OMFG!!!!!!!!!! *bounce squeee bounce squeee bounce squeee*
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Pictures are up at Wireimage and Getty.

[livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel if you go here you'll find several galleries featuring Orlando - if you haven't seen them already. :)
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Well if I didn't have to save my pennies for NZ, you bet I'd bid for this!

Venice film festival premiere tomorrow... I hope we'll get pictures!

And matching GIP. :)

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