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The official The Hobbit Facebook Page will be hosting a live stream of the world premiere, Tuesday night US times/Wednesday morning European times! Check out the details here. TORn will also be live streaming, check out their post here (also posted in yesterday's Hobbit update on here). They also have a link to a time clock that allows you to convert the times to your local time, to ensure you won't miss it unless you have to work, of course...

PJ, Elijah and others were also present at the TheOneRing.net/Red Carpet Tours premiere party in Wellington yesterday! Some pics are up on the TORn and Weta Workshop Facebook Pages.

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Before I need to drag myself away from LJ etc. and get productive, here's the second Hobbit links post, as promised:

TheOneRing.net, ‘Hobbit’ stuff at Comic-Con: Full details! - and in latest ComicCon rumours, More evidence for Freeman and Armitage at Comic-Con plus video of the ‘Hobbit’ cast on stage — together I wonder if Elijah will be there, and if so, if he'll join them on stage, even if only briefly? :)

First Hobbit DVD set for mid-2013 release

Hobbit trailer to show in US theatres with Brave. But which trailer? - added this one just for completion's sake. The current status is: Confirmation: ‘Hobbit’ trailer #2 not new material and What’s different in Hobbit trailer #2? - One more reason to go see Brave!

Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop announces The Fellowship of the Ring Diorama Set 1 Oh, to have spending money #5657...

Join TheOneRing.net in Wellington for ‘Hobbit’ world premiere event, further adventures in New Zealand

There will be one more post after this one (hopefully later today), where the focus of several articles is on Billy Connolly's recent hints about Dain Ironfoot.
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I really need to go to bed, but I wanted to post this first:

This week, the official Hobbit Facebook page revealed a first picture of three dwarves - Nori, Ori and Dori - and Yahoo!News followed up with Oin and Gloin!

Today, PJ finally posted production video #2 on his Facebook page. It's wonderful to see so many familiar faces among the crew along with tiny glimpses at sets and scenes (Gollum! Bilbo and Elrond!!!), and oh the location scouting part made my heart ache with want to be back in the Land of the Long White Cloud...
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Red Carpet Tours adapted their 12-day LotR tour schedule somewhat. They dropped Christchurch and Te Anau (*sniff*), but added Kaikoura! And there's a stop at Aratiatia Rapids now, where there's been some (test?) filming for a scene from The Hobbit. Oh and no morning with Daniel Reeve anymore - he'll be busy working for The Hobbit. I'm sure there are other small changes, but that's what jumped out to me when I skimmed it.
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Just dropping a few links here very quickly, as I really do need to go to bed:

I'm sure all of you have heard about the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch from a few days ago. It's heartbreaking for me to read/look at/watch any press coverage about something so tragic happening so close to 'home'... The first three links are therefore both earthquake and Hobbit related:

THR: NZ Quake Does Not Appear to Affect Hobbit Movie

TORn provides links to various organisations who accept donations: New Zealand needs your Help! and WETA unsurprisinlgy are joining in the effort: Weta Auctions in support of The Red Cross Earthquake appeal

To conclude on a lighter note, Ian McKellen was Partying with dwarves (and a hobbit) !
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New Hobbiton set there to stay

CHRIS GARDNER - Waikato Times
Last updated 05:00 30/10/2010

The new Hobbiton movie set will become forever enshrined in the Matatmata landscape when the film crews leave, with permanent materials being used for a "bigger and better" version of the Middle Earth village than seen in The Lord of the Rings.

Brett Hodge, owner of Matamata Post and Rails, which has supplied the timber for The Hobbit duology since construction began in February, told the Waikato Times that Sir Peter Jackson's company Three Foot Six was building the home of the Hobbits to last. [...]

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the article mentions Vic from Red Carpet Tours! :D



New Line/WB/MGM Hobbit Statement

October 29th, 2010 by xoanon 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

New Line, Warner Bros and MGM are pleased to have concluded successful discussions with the New Zealand government this past week. We’d like to thank Prime Minister Key, his Cabinet and the other dedicated New Zealand officials for their support and cooperation, which helped assuage our concerns and enabled us to keep The Hobbit in its proper home of New Zealand.

We’d also like to express very special appreciation to Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and the people of New Zealand for their tireless support of The Hobbit and their commitment to maintain and grow their vibrant film industry. Filming is scheduled to begin in February 2011 and we look forward to returning to Middle-earth.


GDT Has “Incredible Heartache” Over The Hobbit

October 29th, 2010 by Earl | Source: ContactMusic | Discuss | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

It’s been five months since GDT departed The Hobbit, but now that the movie has finally been greenlit and is on schedule for a February 2011 shoot, there’s little doubt he still feels the loss of what might have been. [...]
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MGM controll shifted, Warner Bros. (and fans) frustrated over ‘The Hobbit’ potential greenlight

May 25th, 2010 by MrCere

Ringer spy Earl provided a story hot of the presses from the Los Angeles Times that says MGM’s management is no longer in control of the studio’s fate and that debtholders are now the decision makers.

Read more... )

Two little pick-me-ups:

LOTR Vintage Videos: Golden Globe Wins, 3Foot6 & Cuba Street

And especially: Win an Exciting Trip for 2 to New Zealand!
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Hobbiton Construction Photos!

March 26th, 2010 by Calisuri | Source: Red Carpet Tours | Discuss

The great folks from Red Carpet Tours (redcarpet-tours.com) have sent along this report and imagery from the Hobbiton set near Matamata, New Zealand

See them at the link above. Wheee! Go Vic and Raewyn!
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Fraud of the rings?

March 15th, 2010 by xoanon

Peter Jackson’s production company has cast doubt on the authenticity of one of the world’s largest collections of Lord of the Rings memorabilia. American Troika Brodsk has been advertising in New Zealand papers for items used in the production of the trilogy – and the upcoming Hobbit prequels.

More NZ News Video Archives - featuring, among others, Vic James from Red Carpet Tours! :D

Now don't get too excited about this:

Hobbit Shooting Begins in…June?

March 16th, 2010 by xoanon | Discuss

Ataahua sent in the tip: But British actor Sir Ian McKellen – best known for his role as Gandalf in the Rings sword and sorcery epic – said on his website that he would reprise the role of the grey-haired wizard and expected shooting to begin this June. More..

because as Kristin Thompson cautions on her blog entry Gandalf or Godot in June?, Sir Ian's website doesn't actually say that the shoot will begin in June - and in fact his Waiting for Godot tour schedule would prevent him from filming during that month (see her addendum at the end). Personally, I very much doubt that they'd begin shooting before having announced the casting of Bilbo!

ETA - this just in: Weta Planning On 3-D Hobbit, Says Insider

March 17th, 2010 by DiveTwin | Source: Stuff.co.nz

The Hobbit movie due to begin filming in Wellington will be made in 3D, industry sources say.

But a spokesman for producer Peter Jackson would not confirm the move, saying it was still only being talked about.
- More at the link.
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Born of Hope – and a lot of charity

Will A Wellywood Sign Come to Be?

More Archived YouTube Videos - featuring Jed Brophy, Ian Brodie and Bret McKenzie.

Last but not least: More Hobbiton Set Pics WARNING: I don't know what possessed xoanon to just dump the full sized pictures (2848px width), scaled to thumbnail size, onto the page, instead of using properly resized thumbnails and putting the full sized photos in their Scrapbook! With 27 pictures on the page, this makes it EXTREMELY SLOW to load, so if you have a slow connection and an old computer, I warn you not to go there unless you don't need to do anything else on your computer in the next half hour or so. Even with a DSL connection it may well be slow to load (as it was for me), so better not run too many other programs at the same time.
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Quint from AICN posted a lovely tribute to LotR photographer Pierre Vinet, which now also contains some memories by Elijah: Rest In Peace Pierre Vinet UPDATED with words from Elijah Wood and Colin Hanks

Peter Jackson Selects Andres Borghi’s Film ‘Working Day’ as ‘Your Big Break’ Winner - and it's really well done! :D You can watch it through the site that's linked from the TORn article.

Congratulations to Andy Serkis! Mark Kermode Awards Andy Serkis for ‘S&D&R&R’

On the bidding-for-MGM front, via Kristin Thompson's blog: MGM announces deadline for second round of bidding
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Pics at the link, obviously. :)


New Hobbiton Pics..and a Report!

February 1st, 2010 by xoanon

Glorfindel writes: We went to Hobbiton yesterday to check out what was going on but nothing much seems to have changed. Everything’s being irrigated therefore the hedgerows are a bit bushier and the apple trees are fruiting (although the pears aren’t doing so well). Gandalf’s cutting has been restored.

I did think some of the gardens would be planted up by now, with the supposed start date in a few months – it doesn’t cost much to sow a few seeds after all – but I guess they do have to wait for that elusive greenlight. Also they may leave filming Hobbiton towards the end of the shoot. Who knows? Anyway it was a beautiful day and although the Hobbit holes look somewhat dejected it is a lovely spot and we did feel the first tinglings of excitement!
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Peter Jackson: First Hobbit Script Is Completed

November 23rd, 2009 by DiveTwin | Source: inthenews.co.uk | Discuss

Peter Jackson November 2009Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson has confirmed the first script for the two films based on JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit has been completed. Pan’s Labyrinth helmer Guillermo del Toro is to bring the novel to the screen while Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens will co-write and produce the films, having won 17 Oscars for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. “The Hobbit will be two movies and we’ve written the first script and delivered it to the studio who seem to be happy with it,” the New Zealander told reporters. “We’re now halfway through the second script and Philippa, Fran, Guillermo and myself are doing the scripts and having great fun.”

You can read the entire article at inthenews.co.uk

Another Successful Locals Day at Hobbiton Movie Set
Weta's News from the Shire
Middle Earth set for film return
Jackson looking forward to 'proud' premiere (of The Lovely Bones, not The Hobbit ;))
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but I only wish! :/

Work is mostly of the routine/boring kind, and not busy enough to help me overcome my inertia caused by bad sleep and neck/back related problems. Hopefully my new mattress really will arrive this week, because the old one is just plain and simple f-ing with my back/neck, as was very obvious from the first night I spent on it after my holidays. Also have a Wednesday appointment with my sister for a BowTech treatment, which of course I haven't had since mid July. Oh and PMSing doesn't help with all this, obviously, but it seems we're almost past the "Pre" phase now, at least.

Of course I still haven't done any Aotearoa '09 image sorting, apart from what I did on the trip. I also still need to figure out how I can better fit the clips from my video camera on only one or two DVDs - when I try to do it with the software that came with the camera, I can hardly fit a handful of clips on one DVD-R/+R even though there aren't that many long ones, so that's not practical at all!

The sliver of light on the horizon is my weekend trip to NYC - leaving directly from work on Friday 25th mid morning, and coming back again directly to work on Monday 28th. No big plans except visiting a friend and his daughter, and letting them show me around Queens. *counts the days*

Watched three films made in/about NZ and particularly the Maori over the weekend: River Queen, Whale Rider (again), and Once Were Warriors. All three are good in their own ways, and funny enough, all three feature yummy Maori actor Cliff Curtis in an important role. :) Of course a not so likeable one in the latter (OWW) - it's one of those films that is difficult to watch in places, but the performances were fantastic all around. It really deserves its good reputation! As does Whale Rider, of course, and I also liked River Queen a lot.

Oh well. Time to go back to work... until sometime later!
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This week's LJ Spotlight features professional photographer and solo traveler Sarah Underwood, who is "living the dream as she explores the stunning landscape of New Zealand [and Australia] on a budget". Her diary of the trip is [livejournal.com profile] sarahdownundah. I haven't had the time yet to look at her entries in depth, but the photos I saw during my quick browse of a few of them certainly looked beautiful. :)

Will x-post this to [livejournal.com profile] aotearoa09

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