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The first thing I thought when I saw the link to an article announcing Elijah Wood joining the cast of a Vin Diesel movie? "I need to go look for my link to that RPS fic of "Elijah/Crewman Gorgeous" (the latter of which is based on Vin Diesel in appearance)!

See? Hopeless. :D

But the movie sounds potentially interesting, and with Vin and Elijah in it, it's definitely a must-see for me. Doubt it will be at the cinema, though by the time it's out we might be able to get out sans daughter a bit more regularly. We just got to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which is the first time since The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug that we made it to the cinema!

Ugh, need to post a proper update soon... and pictures, they're way overdue!
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There's footage of the Hobbit panel at SDCC up on Youtube (thanks for the link, Prim!). Not sure how long it will be up as it's not an "official" video, or if TPTB will bother to have it removed, but watch it while you can! The footage that was shown is not included, but you get almost 24 minutes of the panel - including surprise guest Frodo Baggins! :)
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ARGH! I was almost finished with putting together a Hobbit update post, when LJ suddenly sent me to the polls page - no idea how I landed there - and when I returned and hit "restore from saved draft", it went back to the version which only had the introductory sentences! So my apologies, but I will not redo the whole long thing again, and instead point you to the following sources which are currently covering The Hobbit at San Diego Comic Con:

TheOneRing.net as well as the Facebook Pages of Weta Workshop, Peter Jackson, and The Hobbit.
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I better post these before my tabs are all clogged up again... which might still happen, with San Diego Comic Con starting soon. :)

First, the two most current and important ones from PJ himself: It's a Wrap and the exclusive Comic Con poster!

And catching up on older news:

Hugo Weaving on Last Ride, Cloud Atlas and The Hobbit

John Bell talks about Bain son of Bard

John Rhys-Davies may have a Hobbit cameo?

Elijah Wood: V48 Hours Film Festival

Lego LoTR unveils Moria animated short

Entertainment Weekly's Hobbit/SDCC preview issue! This Week's Cover: 'The Hobbit' -- plus our annual Comic-Con preview and associated image gallery. Also, check out scans at LJ community Heirs of Durin, here and here. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] primula_baggins for pointing out the latter!

Red Carpet Hobbit Premiere Tour: Places limted

Phew! I actually need to split this in half, otherwise this entry will seem never ending on your flist... be back in a bit!
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... and here the last of the three Hobbit entries of this weekend! Let's start with the Billy Connolly/Dain Ironfoot centric ones:

Analysing Billy Connolly’s Dain Ironfoot

Filming Hobbit ‘like a war’ says Connolly

Billy Connolly: “I’m covered in armour. It’s like wearing a volkswagon.”

Next up: Elijah Wood! Wood on ‘Wilfred’ and ‘The Hobbit’

... and last but not least, Ian McKellen: McKellen: Hobbit filming wraps by end July

To end this, a little amusing fan vid: My name is Sauron and I’m here to recruit you
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PJ posted his fifth Hobbit production video! This is the first one from on location, which means Hobbiton! And it's featuring FroLijah! And it sooooo makes me want to go back to see Hobbiton in its full glory! ♥
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An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit Part 5 - Thorin's Dilemma

This is priceless - I REALLY hope it will be featured in the DVD Extras: This location served as Peter’s Birthday spot. The man came to work on his birthday without much fanfare until the dwarves surprised him with their present... a calendar that featured each dwarf in some inappropriate position. Think of it as a Hunky Firemen calendar but instead of hunky firemen it was all hunky dwarves in the most ridiculous romance book cover positions imaginable.

Elwood: ‘Hobbit Trailer Before Tintin’

And an update from Ian McKellen's blog: Moving On
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Elijah Wood on the Colbert Report - they start out talking about Happy Feet 2, but then curiously veer off into another little film Elijah recently shot a few scenes for... ;)

Hobbit star Orlando Bloom spotted in Queenstown

Bret McKenzie Talks The Hobbit

Not that this is news - Benedict has mentioned it before - but here you go: Smaug to be performance capture not just voice work says Benedict Cumberbatch (Why won't it play the video for me?! I only get the Hugo preview and then the player gets stuck on buffering... *sob*)

Viggo Mortensen will not be in ‘The Hobbit’ - Oy, PJ, give Viggo a call, will you? :(

And a little speculation about the Hobbit teaser that Andy Serkis mentioned: Remember the first LOTR teaser? We do! Now its time for a ‘Hobbit’ version - this is actually the first time I've seen the first LotR teaser!
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‘Hobbit’ spotting rife in Otago

More Spy Photos & Video from NZ

Wood: "Hobbit May Outdo LOTR"

Andy Serkis of ‘Apes’ being promoted for Oscar - That would be amazing! I haven't seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes yet, but Andy is always so amazing in his performance - it's time that his talent is recognised!

Luke Evans’ Heart Fluttering Reaction On Stepping Into Bag End - Can't blame him! :D

Grant Major Interview No, he's not involved in The Hobbit, but he talks about designing LotR and not being involved in The Hobbit.
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The Hobbit update! The most important ones first:

PJ's latest production video, featuring Martin!Bilbo, a couple of FroLijah glimpses, and various other familiar faces - and lots of info on the 3D technique they're using.

Quint from AICN is on the Hobbiton set - as a Hobbit extra, even! - and has posted his first two reports (SPOILERS, oviously):

An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit! Part 1 - Concerning Hobbiton

An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit! Part 2 - They Call Me Mr. Chubb

NZ gets the Hobbit World premiere - two TORn reports here and here - with link to full press conference. Based on that video, some speculation: The Auction of Bilbo’s Goods to be Included?

Various location/set reports/rumours - some a little old - and some other tidbits:

Read more... )

Right, I think that's it for now... phew!
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It's been ages since I posted any Hobbit news! Not that much has been going on while Martin Freeman was back in the UK shooting series 2 of Sherock, but I did have a few links open in my tabs a few weeks ago - and then Firefox decided to irretrievably lose all my tabs, grrr! Anyway, here are some recent signs that things are ramping up in NZ for the next leg of filming:


Psst … hobbits coming to Te Kuiti in Waikato

October 12th, 2011 by linuxelf | Source: Waikato Times 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

the Waikato Times is reporting:

Word on the Te Kuiti street is the hobbits are coming to town.

Crew members from the big-budget Warner Bros project have signed-in to King Country lodgings and at least one establishment is booked out with creative types from October 30 to November 6. [...]


Glenorchy going green

October 16th, 2011 by xoanon 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

The green world of a hobbit means a 10,000 litre water tank will have to be placed near Glenorchy for the irrigation of the temporary grasses and plants on the set of the Peter Jackson-directed film The Hobbit. [...]


Hobbit moves to Marlborough

Middle Earth is heading to Marlborough.

A scene from the first of two Hobbit movies from Sir Peter Jackson is to be shot near Pelorus Bridge, 60 kilometres west of Blenheim, over 10 days in December. [...]
(Full article contains mild spoilers for said scene, for those who don't know the story at all.)


Icelandic Horses to Play in The Hobbit

Icelandic horses will play a big part in The Hobbit, the upcoming film directed by Peter Jackson, based on the eponymous story by J.R.R. Tolkien. Shooting is currently taking place in New Zealand. [...]


Hobbit crews to hit the road in convoys

October 22nd, 2011 by xoanon 0 Comments and 3 Reactions

Hobbit fans, it looks like we’ve got us a convoy – a couple of them, in fact. Two convoys, each of about 200 vehicles, will leave today from Sir Peter Jackson’s Stone Street Studios in Miramar to transport vital gear for location filming. [...]

Last but not least, according to several Twitter posts, Elijah Wood is in NZ. :) And I do believe Benedict Cumberbatch mentioned going down in a recent Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</I. related interview... possibly in January? My brain, it is fried.
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48 Frames Per Second
by Peter Jackson on Monday, 11 April 2011 at 20:12

Time for an update. Actually, we've been intending to kick off with a video, which is almost done, so look out for that in the next day or two. In the meantime, I thought I'd address the news that has been reported about us shooting THE HOBBIT at 48 frames per second, and explain to you what my thoughts are about this. [...]


Elijah Wood Says The Hobbit Is “Going To Feel Very Familiar, And Different As Well”

April 11th, 2011 by Earl | Source: ComingSoon.net | Discuss | 1 Comment and 8 Reactions

ComingSoon.net has an exclusive interview with Elijah Wood who’s going to be reprising his character of Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit films. [...]

Also, Orlando Bloom Confirms His Involvement In The Hobbit, and JRD wonders, Did Gimli cause Jackson’s ulcer?

Last but not least, a little update on the Rivendell environment from Weta: RIVENDELL - 24,000 TILES AND COUNTING


Feb. 21st, 2011 01:55 pm
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Martin Freeman DJs?! For some reason that fact really makes me want to hear reports/see pictures of him and Elijah DJing together when our boy is down in Wellington to shoot his scenes for The Hobbit!!! :D

ETA: And he's not the only one to take a break from filming The Hobbit so he can do another project: McKellen to take break from filming The Hobbit
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Many of you have heard this already, but anyway - at long last:


McKellen and Serkis officially signed for The Hobbit

Variety today reported that “New Line confirmed Monday that Serkis, who starred in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, had signed for the back-to-back “Hobbit” films. Jackson’s set to start shooting next month.”

The Hollywood Reporter has run a story saying, “Ian McKellen has signed on to return as wizard Gandalf in The Hobbit, the two-pic adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien novel being directed by Peter Jackson.”

So we can finally all breathe a sigh of relief!

Also check out Sir Ian's post on his official website.

Elijah will not only appear in The Hobbit, but has also signed up to play Ben Gunn in a new version of Treasure Island!


Elijah Wood Officially Signs On For ‘The Hobbit’ & Brit TV Mini-Series ‘Treasure Island’

[...] Turns out that’s not all Wood is working on. He will also be taking on the role of Ben Gunn in “Treasure Island,” a two-part, four-hour miniseries that will be aired on Sky TV. Steven Barron (”Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and countless music videos including A-Ha‘s “Take On Me”) is directing the project, with the adaptation written by Stewart Harcourt. Wood will co-star with Eddie Izzard, who is on board as Long John Silver. [...]

Now that's something I'm looking forward to see - I always loved Treasure Island, and it's a different type of role for Elijah! (As for Long John Silver, I think Brian Blessed's performance in the Return to Treasure Island miniseries will always be my favourite!)
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The second item is of particular interest, I'm sure. :D


Warner Bros to Distribute Hobbit Worldwide

January 6th, 2011 by Celeborn | Discuss | 2 Comments and 5 Reactions

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 6, 2011- Roger Birnbaum and Gary Barber, MGM Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officers, Toby Emmerich, President and Chief Operating Officer, New Line Cinema and Alan Horn, President and Chief Operating Officer, Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that MGM and Warner Bros have concluded a deal for Warner Bros. Pictures to handle international theatrical and video distribution responsibilities on MGM’s behalf for Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. This arrangement results in Warner Bros. Pictures handling the bulk of worldwide distribution, while MGM will handle international television licensing for the films. MGM and WB will work collaboratively to coordinate marketing and release plans worldwide.


(Kristin Thompson just posted More on the Warner Bros. distribution deal, if you're interested in more detail/clarification of what the difference is to the original distribution arrangement.)


Elijah Wood will be in ‘The Hobbit’ (and we know how!)

January 7th, 2011 by MrCere | Discuss | 5 Comments and 12 Reactions

EXCLUSIVE – Deadline hinted first but TheOneRing.net can confirm that Elijah Wood will step in front of Peter Jackson’s cameras and return to Middle-earth for a part in ‘The Hobbit,’ — and we even know how. Despite how some fans will respond at first, the reasons are organic and natural and might not upset some of the most ardent purists.

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Quint from AICN posted a lovely tribute to LotR photographer Pierre Vinet, which now also contains some memories by Elijah: Rest In Peace Pierre Vinet UPDATED with words from Elijah Wood and Colin Hanks

Peter Jackson Selects Andres Borghi’s Film ‘Working Day’ as ‘Your Big Break’ Winner - and it's really well done! :D You can watch it through the site that's linked from the TORn article.

Congratulations to Andy Serkis! Mark Kermode Awards Andy Serkis for ‘S&D&R&R’

On the bidding-for-MGM front, via Kristin Thompson's blog: MGM announces deadline for second round of bidding
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Keating auditions for The Hobbit - Yes, that's Ronan Keating of Boyzone fame. No, the article doesn't mention what role he auditioned for. :) They quote him saying that shooting begins in July - I guess we'll find out!

Why Orlando Bloom should be in ‘The Hobbit’ by TORn staffer MrCere

Elijah Wood’s Pick For Bilbo - Seems he agrees with many of you! :)

And in LotR Merchandise news: Sideshow Collectibles unveils Gandalf the Grey


Jan. 24th, 2009 08:49 pm
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FotR is on Swiss TV - thank goodness with original audio on the second channel - and Kristin Thompson has posted a nice little anecdote on her blog from the sound mixing of RotK, on occasion of Michael Semanick's Oscar nomination for "Achievement in Sound Mixing" not once, but twice: for WALL-E as well as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Fingers crossed! Previous entries you might find interesting: A new anthology on the LOTR film and Mark Ordesky no longer at New Line.

Also, in case you've missed all this, there's lots of recent entries over at [livejournal.com profile] dom_media about Dom's guest appearance in an upcoming (3D-)episode of Chuck (including links to various clips), and about Dom promoting I Sell the Dead at the Slamdance festival, plus more pictures of him and Elijah in Park City at [livejournal.com profile] elijah_finds. Also: Dom seems to be scheduled for an appearance on Craig Ferguson next Thursday, and he'll be going to Vancouver to do 10 more days of shooting for Wolverine - whee, more Dom! \o/

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