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These are not news by any stretch of the imagination - just want to put these links here for completion's sake.

No Wellington premiere for Desolation of Smaug - a slight updated on that are in the following article:

Hobbit news in brief: new production video soon, trailer reactions and premiere update

The first The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer is now up at the Official website, of course, and you can find an analysis by TORn staff here and, more in detail, here.

NZSO hits high note with Hobbit sequel
An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition release date?

And here are some of Peter Jackson's Facebook updates:

Sir Ian's last shot, Orlando's last day, including a little video, Production DIary #11, Martin's last day, and a picture of Smaug admiring Bilbo's feet!

And this last one isn't Hobbit related, but might be of interest anyway: Peter Jackson talks to Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost about World's End
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PJ just posted a Character Gallery album on his Facebook. So far it's the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf.
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There's footage of the Hobbit panel at SDCC up on Youtube (thanks for the link, Prim!). Not sure how long it will be up as it's not an "official" video, or if TPTB will bother to have it removed, but watch it while you can! The footage that was shown is not included, but you get almost 24 minutes of the panel - including surprise guest Frodo Baggins! :)
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If you're interested in more pics from the recent charity performance of Ian McKellen, with the support of most of the main Hobbit cast, go here: McKellen and friends at the Opera House

For those wanting to join TORn for their Hobbit premiere tour: TORn’s own tour to New Zealand for “The Hobbit” premiere is now open for business, and also read this Quick update to the TORn Hobbit Premiere story

Primary filming for The Hobbit is nearly done?

Aaaand last but very much not least - lucky those who get to go to SD Comic Con! Obviously TORn will be there - The Comic con blitz from TORn has begun - but also some very familiar (or soon to be so) faces: ‘Hobbit’ lineup announced for Comic-Con includes Jackson, McKellen, Serkis, Armitage, Freeman, Boyens!!!
And if that's not enough reason to envy SDCC goers, this Hobbit-unrelated announcement will do it - certainly for fellow Browncoats: Entire Firefly Cast Will Reunite At Comic-Con For The Show’s 10-Year Anniversary. "The cast of FIREFLY will talk about the past, present and future of FIREFLY, 10 years after its debut. " Um, FUTURE?! I mean, there have been comics, but... could it be, after Joss' success with Avengers?! I don't dare hope...
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... and here the last of the three Hobbit entries of this weekend! Let's start with the Billy Connolly/Dain Ironfoot centric ones:

Analysing Billy Connolly’s Dain Ironfoot

Filming Hobbit ‘like a war’ says Connolly

Billy Connolly: “I’m covered in armour. It’s like wearing a volkswagon.”

Next up: Elijah Wood! Wood on ‘Wilfred’ and ‘The Hobbit’

... and last but not least, Ian McKellen: McKellen: Hobbit filming wraps by end July

To end this, a little amusing fan vid: My name is Sauron and I’m here to recruit you
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Before I need to drag myself away from LJ etc. and get productive, here's the second Hobbit links post, as promised:

TheOneRing.net, ‘Hobbit’ stuff at Comic-Con: Full details! - and in latest ComicCon rumours, More evidence for Freeman and Armitage at Comic-Con plus video of the ‘Hobbit’ cast on stage — together I wonder if Elijah will be there, and if so, if he'll join them on stage, even if only briefly? :)

First Hobbit DVD set for mid-2013 release

Hobbit trailer to show in US theatres with Brave. But which trailer? - added this one just for completion's sake. The current status is: Confirmation: ‘Hobbit’ trailer #2 not new material and What’s different in Hobbit trailer #2? - One more reason to go see Brave!

Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop announces The Fellowship of the Ring Diorama Set 1 Oh, to have spending money #5657...

Join TheOneRing.net in Wellington for ‘Hobbit’ world premiere event, further adventures in New Zealand

There will be one more post after this one (hopefully later today), where the focus of several articles is on Billy Connolly's recent hints about Dain Ironfoot.
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An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit Part 5 - Thorin's Dilemma

This is priceless - I REALLY hope it will be featured in the DVD Extras: This location served as Peter’s Birthday spot. The man came to work on his birthday without much fanfare until the dwarves surprised him with their present... a calendar that featured each dwarf in some inappropriate position. Think of it as a Hunky Firemen calendar but instead of hunky firemen it was all hunky dwarves in the most ridiculous romance book cover positions imaginable.

Elwood: ‘Hobbit Trailer Before Tintin’

And an update from Ian McKellen's blog: Moving On
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Ian McKellen updated his Hobbit blog: Soldiering On

Quint's third location report (the last one from Hobbiton, but there will be more from other locations):

An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit Part 3 - Beginnings and Endings

WOOOHOOO!!! I know this was announced already a while ago, but it's great to see it confirmed:

The last time out they built the Hobbit holes and structures like most movie sets. They were temporary, not functional past the time the crew needed them to work. This time out they made a deal with the landowner to make this site an official and long lasting attraction for fans of the movies.

Forty-Four Hobbit holes were built to be permanent, with retaining walls, waterproofed roofs, etc. The stone bridge was constructed with a steel superstructure covered with real stone cladding. The Green Dragon is the most impressive of them all because it was built with a functioning fireplace, plumbing, water pipes and the works.

Hennah said the plans were to actually turn The Green Dragon into a real, working pub, but that’s all on the landowners at this point, I believe. I can picture many a geek wedding happening in Matamata, vows under the Party Tree and reception at The Green Dragon. Ah, geek love!

While they did remove a lot of set dressing (meaning props like chairs, ladders and various odds and ends) the Hobbit holes will remain and all can be entered safely. They even left the curtains in the windows.

*happy dance*

And location related, ‘City of Trucks’ Possibly Preparing Battle of Five Armies in Dunedin?!, Hobbit actors arrive in Dunedin, NZ Photos from Pelorus River Region and Flotsam and Jetsam Rumors in NZ.
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Dropping a few links here, before I clock up so many tabs in Firefox again that it keeps freezing on me...

More Hobbiton Set Photos

Hobbit location taking shape

Tight security surrounds Hobbit

Golden Bay set for Hobbit invasion

And for the nostalgic ones among us: Why Ian McKellen turned down Gandalf
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Ian McKellen confirms Benedict Cumberbatch's casting - but keeps Mum about which part he'll play. (Though the sentence just before and the description of the screen test contain what sounds like some hints to me... :))


Congratulations, dear Watson

The cat is out of the bag. The actor is named. The latest recruit to the Jackson troops is the superb Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes to Bilbo's Watson. Martin Freeman let it slip when he picked up his BAFTA.

Martin told me he was "chuffed" about the prize. So was the entire crew back here in Wellington; and about Benedict. Now, what can he be playing in The Hobbit?

Philippa Boyens showed me a snippet of his screen-test, played in close-up into the camera. It was electrifying, vocally and facially. Yes, what can he be playing?

Read more... )

That's high praise from Sir Ian! *bounce* *flails* Also very cool that he's acted with Benedict's parents.

ETA: I think the guys&gals over at TORn share my suspicion regarding Benedict's role as hinted at by Sir Ian! :D

Oh, and here's a little tidbit from TORn: “The Hobbit” Set Pieces Spotted On NZ Highway?
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Fire on set of The Hobbit -UPDATE

May 23rd, 2011 by xoanon | Discuss | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

Breaking news from tvnz.co.nz There has been an industrial accident on the set of Sir Peter Jackson’s film The Hobbit. The fire service says two people received burns in the incident at the Stone Street studios in the Wellington suburb of Miramar. It is understood their injuries are minor. There is no word on the exact cause of the accident. More to follow.


Rise Up Christchurch Appeal – Peter Jackson and Cast of The Hobbit Show Support

And loosely related: Every guy should have his… Hobbit Home
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First of all this brand new casting announcement from PJ himself:


Casting News for THE HOBBIT
by Peter Jackson on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 at 19:06

Some more HOBBIT casting news today. As we near the end of our first shooting block (we have a break in less than three weeks to get some editing and visual effects work done, plus prepare for very big scenes coming up), we are looking at characters featuring in sequences that take place a little later in the story. [...]

In other related news (some not so new anymore):

Ian McKellen posted a cool picture of Gandalf the Grey wearing 3D glasses. :D

Howe, Lee & Taylor Answer Fan Questions on Facebook

Matamata prepares for film crew and tourists

Also, the Weta Rivendell sculpture is now available for pre-order. I wish I had a sponsor for that... it's gorgeous!

And for those of you interested in PJ's older films: Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste is Returning! - in NZ, at least.

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