May. 12th, 2010 08:33 am
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Thanks to [ profile] baranduin for the link to this article about a documentary Casey Affleck has been shooting about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix's bid to become a rap singer. Which sounds... err, interesting? But I really hope that not all is what it seems, because I really would hate to see Joaquin crash&burn like his little brother River...
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix attend a screening of 'Two Lovers' at New York's Landmark Sunshine Cinema, presented by the Cinema Society and Salvatore Ferragamo. -- 2/11/09


I believe the Alien in his face has actually grown since I've first seen it a few weeks ago. But I'm very glad to see from the poster that at least I won't have to suffer through Joaquin wearing that monstrosity in his latest/last film!!! :D

Photobucket (click for bigger version)
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Joaquin Phoenix Says He's Quitting Acting
29 October 2008 2:30 AM, PDT | From Studio Briefing | See recent Studio Briefing news

Joaquin Phoenix, who was nominated for a best actor Oscar for his starring role as Johnny Cash in the biopic Walk the Line, has announced that he is putting his life as an actor behind him. Interviewed by the syndicated Extra at a benefit for the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps founded by Paul Newman, Phoenix, who has just completed filming the drama Two Lovers, said, "I want to take this opportunity ... to give you the exclusive ... that this will be my last performance as an actor. ... I'm not doing films anymore." Phoenix said that he intends to focus on building his career as a singer. "I'm done" with making movies, he said, "I've been through that." Although he was also nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for Gladiator, Phoenix has experienced an up-and-down career as an actor. His last film, Focus Features' Reservation Road, received mostly negative reviews and earned a scant $121,994 during a three-week release on 14 screens. (Walk the Line, by contrast, earned an imposing $119 million.)

Phoenix Quits Acting
29 October 2008 12:46 AM, PDT | From | See recent WENN news

Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix is retiring from Hollywood - at the age of 34.

cut for same content as above )

"I'm working on my music. I'm done. I've been through that."

And the news has been confirmed by his representative, who says, "That is what he told me."

Phoenix's brother-in-law Casey Affleck, who is married to Summer Phoenix, insists the star is for real: "I don't think he's kidding. He's got music and stuff."

Phoenix has made just one movie this year - romantic drama Two Lovers with Gwyneth Paltrow.

His vocal skills were applauded in 2005 when he recorded the soundtrack for the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line. His efforts won him a Grammy award, and he is now working on an album with British rocker Tim Burgess from The Charlatans.

It's great that he's expanding into music because his voice really is fantastic, but... he doesn't have to completely give up acting because of that!!! *sob*
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I just watched We Own the Night starring Joaquin Phoenix, which was pretty good overall. The end left me with mixed feelings - it felt a bit clich├ęd to me. I did, however, really like the opening scene... *fans self* Had I been in Eva Mendes' place, I think I'd have spontaneously combusted shooting it! I mean just watching it... *brain shorts out*


Too funny

Jan. 31st, 2008 09:26 am
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Joaquin Phoenix was in our regional paper's entertainment gossip column (which consists of a sidebar with four to five short "news" items) twice this week: Once saying he'd like to be in a comedy but no one would finance one with him, and today a quote from a magazine ("In", or something like that?) where he said something in the sense that he didn't like women who defined their femininity through the right cremes, the right shoes, the right champagne, etc., but preferred "natural" women who are secure in themselves. *writes application letter* Is it slow gossip time or what? :)


ourdramaqueen: (joaquin wotn set) have put up eight clips and some photos from We Own the Night! *bounce*

Many thanks to [ profile] trailer_spot for pointing them out to me! :D
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Posted: Thurs., Sep. 13, 2007, 5:00pm PT

Reservation Road


A Focus Features (in U.S.) release, presented with Random House Films, of a Nick Wechsler/Miracle Pictures production, in association with Volume One Entertainment. Produced by Wechsler, A. Kitman Ho. Executive producers, Dean M. Leavitt, Gina Resnick. Directed by Terry George. Screenplay, John Burnham Schwartz, George, based on the novel by Schwartz.

Ethan Learner - Joaquin Phoenix
Dwight Arno - Mark Ruffalo
Grace Learner - Jennifer Connelly
Ruth Wheldon - Mira Sorvino
Emma Learner - Elle Fanning
Lucas Arno - Eddie Alderson
Josh Learner - Sean Curley
Sergeant Burke - Antoni Corone
Steve - John Slattery
Minister - John Rothman
Norris Wheldon - Gary Kohn

A dramatic situation that should be wrenching is mostly tedious in "Reservation Road." Tale of two New England fathers, one of whom kills the other's son in a hit-and-run auto accident and takes the entire picture to fess up to it, deals with painful, elemental emotions, to be sure. But the film has no special insight into the psyches of either man, or into the broader issues of how to process profound loss or admit culpability for a heinous act. As pic offers scant emotional rewards or catharsis, it's hard to imagine auds flocking to this downbeat drama in any significant numbers.
Novel by John Burnham Schwartz, who is credited with the adaptation along with director Terry George, was well received in 1998, and has been updated mainly to place the action simultaneously with the Boston Red Sox's successful World Series drive in 2004 -- the only upbeat aspect of the story.

Read more... )
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You'll have to claim the extension - more info in this post in [ profile] paidmembers.

*uses Quills icon because she hasn't done so in a while and recently rewatched the film and the cast is so great and particularly Joaquinomg - and didn't he appear in one of my recent involved dreams?!*
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I have lots of entries from the last few days tabbed to comment on - just been a bit distracted by Real Life stuff, plus on Friday book 2 of Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series arrived and I've been tearing through it since yesterday... it seems for a lot of the time, certainly from a couple of chapters in, I've been holding my breath or gnawing on my fingernails! Will post more about it once I finished it, which will no doubt be very soon! [ profile] forestrane and [ profile] mtngoat, have you finished yet? And [ profile] samena, I'm ever so grateful that you pointed these books out to me! Now I only need to get book three. And I hope that the wait for the fourth and fifth books won't be too long...

In other news (thanks to [ profile] baranduin for pointing this out): Joaquin and band recording an album???!!! *THUD*

Right. Off to readbed now.
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Thanks to [ profile] trailer_spot: Here's the trailer for Joaquin Phoenix' new movie We Own the Night, which I hadn't known is in competition at Cannes!

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All right - here they are.

First off, two variations of the same design, featuring Joaquin Phoenix. These are the ones I already had but forgot to upload.

Font: AnkeCalligraph

Textures by [ profile] serenitysangel
Font: AnkeCalligraph

The following group of wallpaper and icons are all based on this utterly amazing picture that [ profile] bunniewabbit found in her never-ending search for Elijah goodness. We are SO lucky she shares with us! ♥ Both pictures in that entry seem to be from a promo shoot for Elijah's upcoming film Day Zero, and knowing some things about the film and Elijah's character, the lyrics of "Hurt" (originally by Nine Inch Nails, famously covered by Johnny Cash) just felt perfect to use with this picture. Since the full lyrics aren't legible on the wall itself (intentionally), here's a link to them for those interested. Like I said in last night's entry, I'm quite proud of this wall, so I hope you'll like it too! But enough rambling, here it is, with matching icons:

Font: Hyrule
Lyrics: "Hurt", Johnny Cash (originally Nine Inch Nails)

1.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 2.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 3.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 4.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Dec. 14th, 2006 02:07 pm
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I think I'll have to get used to the new LJ update page layout... *moves around gingerly*

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! What f***ing order are the icon thumbnails in?! It's not alphabetical by keywords, and it's certainly not in upload order - not even in the dropdown list!!! Do they think we all have time to do in-depth searches for a particular icon each time we post, particularly those of us with 100+ icons?!

*takes deep breath*

Short fuse? Who, me? No, I'm not in need of a long weekend at all, why do you ask?

Happier tidings... a gift I ordered for a certain someone has arrived today, and it's gorgeous, yay! I just pre-ordered the mixed meat for the Fondue Chinoise (aka Chinese Fondue) we'll have on Christmas Eve at my parents'. I'll have to go back though as for some unfathomable reason I told them we'd be 10 people instead of 9, duh! Also bought the last ingredients I'll need to make dessert for that night.

Ahaha I actually own "Rico Suave" on CD single... However, what sort of idiot is this guy?

But Joaquin Phoenix basically croaked his way around the screen as Mr. Johnny Cash - Que?! He did a fantastic job!

Word has it that Elijah Wood was just cast as Iggy Pop - "just cast" - boy, are you out of the loop!

On the health front, although my coughing fits are less frequent (my homeopathic medicine is working, yay, albeit slowly), they're still exhausting, and last night was the first time that I had coughing fits after lying down. I did sleep pretty well after i finally fell asleep, but I'm already sleepy again and it's not even 2:30 in the afternoon yet... Gosh, I wonder why the word "sleep" showed up three times in that last sentence? *yawns*

Ah well, soldier on and keep thinking of Sean in Wedding Wars... ;) TGIF tomorrow, and it will end with the office Christmas party!
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Been rewatching 8mm, and cut for TMI of the perving kind ) How come they let Joaquin walk around in eyeliner and piercings and blue punk hair and tattoos and leather pants and tight (pvc) t-shirts, without a licence?!

Sorry, I'll stop spamming my flist now... :o


Jul. 15th, 2006 04:52 pm
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Doesn't he look fantastic?! From a recent event he attended. And I'll see him in Walk the Line again tonight, at the local open air cinema. *bounce*
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Aaaaah! It's All About Love (starring Joaquin Phoenix) is on German TV! And last night I happened upon not one, but two two films featuring Adam Baldwin - one about a ship called Poseidon (no not the new one) which fell victim to some bombers, and the other about a woman who is out for revenge on a Russian mob family. Too funny.
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I actually made these a while ago but didn't upload for various reasons. The icon I'm using is of two lead characters from one of my most favourite comic series, Elfquest. I have the full print on the wall above my bed's headboard. :)

And this one: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting has a little story behind it. I downloaded a documentary about Johnny Cash, The Last Great American, which was made not too long ago, after his death. And towards the end they played what I think was the entire video for his song "Hurt" - written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (and possibly even recorded by them originally?). And oh God, that video is devastating. It's basically a look back at his life, and to see old clips of him juxtaposed with him being so frail at the time of the shoot, and in combination with the lyrics... His daughter Roseanne said that her sister had seen it before her and just told her, "Be careful." And she watched it with Johnny and June, and she just broke down and sobbed while June held her. Hell I already did! I then found this picture, and it so reminds me of that video... I just had to icon it. *sad smile*

But on to related, yet more cheerful icons - Joaquin in Walk the Line, from the scene where Johnny hears his first single playing somewhere in the neighbourhood in the night, and takes baby Roseanne out to listen to it. *melts into puddle of goo* Feel free to grab yadda yadda. :)

1.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 4.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 6.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 7.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Waaaaaaaah only one more episode of Medical Investigation - I better not miss it next week then! No more Neal McDonough in tight t-shirts... *sniff* NBC please hurry with the DVDs!

Wheee Glastonbury just was on TV - of course in connection with the grail and more specifically, The Da Vinci Code.

Oh yes - about my Gladiator DVD... it wasn't in my PO Box today either, which I found very odd indeed. Tonight after work I got a sixpack of big water bottles at the nearest grocery store, and a few small tidbits which I put in a bag that I carried in one hand, the water in the other. Inside the door to our house I stopped to hang the bag off my wrist so I could pick up the water pack with both hands to go upstairs. And the parcel box part of the post box (sorry don't know what to call it properly) caught my eye. I opened it and lo and behold - the Amazon parcel was in there, and probably has been for days! I have no idea why they would have delivered it here as the PO Box is included in the address, but I'm just glad it hasn't got lost! :) Of course, when I get the chance to watch it (or New Jack City, which I ordered with it as it's been on my Wishlist for ages and I love that film) is another question.

Anyway, nighty night now!
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Some Commodus/Lucilla icons, which I was working on a couple of nights ago and then forgot to post, tsk tsk!

1.Image hosting by Photobucket 2.Image hosting by Photobucket 3.Image hosting by Photobucket

All right, back to "work"... :)
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Oh.My.God. I just saw an icon of Joaquin holding a baby. Topless Joaquin holding a baby! I really had to contain myself not to squee out loud or spontaneously combust on the spot.

Watched a few bits of To Die For. The hair is really, REALLY bad, and he plays such an utter loser, and he's as skinny as I've ever seen him so the clothes just hang off him, but... omg [ profile] baranduin, just watching his face in some scenes is like watching porn!!! Will have to continue later.

PS: [ profile] ismenin - hope you got the file!
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December 31st???!!! The British release is in May, and usually Germany isn't that far behind! Good grief, I'm glad that I got the US DVD already... will have to tell my coworker - I doubt he intends to wait that long!

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