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You may already have heard about the Torchwood convention The Hub taking place Friday 17th - Sunday 19th of October 2008 at The Park Inn Hotel, Northampton. What's not on their website yet, but has just been confirmed on John's official Yahoogroup by his webmaster, is that John will be one of the guests! Which days he'll be there isn't certain yet, but I thought you'd like to know so you can keep an eye out for more info. :) Too bad that's shortly after RingCon!

Still have to watch the S2 finale... *gulp*


Apr. 27th, 2008 02:09 pm
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Now it looks like I'll actually be able to make it to Collectormania 13 with a reasonable amount of time to spend there on the Sunday*, they add a photo session with Mark Ryan - at 2PM on Monday! *headdesk* I could ask my boss at the new job if I could take Monday off, but this is my first day of working there full time so I don't really want to do that. Oh well. I hope that Mark's autograph queue won't be too busy and it's possible to take a picture at the desk at least.

Still undecided whether I should do one with John Barrowman (it looks like tickets are still available) - I do have my photo from the stage door in Birmingham. Now if they had a session with Captain Jack and Captain John together, that would be a must-have! ;)

It seems the Jurys Inn near The Centre still has rooms, and at a great last minute rate too, so I will get busy with the various bookings in a bit. [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and [livejournal.com profile] kneonlight - where/when should we meet up? :D

[livejournal.com profile] lips_and_rouge, are you still up for Oxford Murders in London on Saturday? Anyone else who'd like to join us?

*Thanks to my successor at the old job very generously offering to come pick me up by car at the station halfway to home, if I don't manage to catch the last train from there and my sister can't do it!
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For those interested - John Barrowman will be at Collectormania 13 (2-5 May 2008, Milton Keynes): guest and photoshoot announcements.

And Captain John A.K.A. James Marsters will be there too! :)

Now this is very cool, but the guest that REALLY makes me want to go (and not only because I was lucky enough to already have met John) is Mark Ryan, who played Nasir in Robin of Sherwood!!! He's not as sexy as he used to be back then, but omg NASIR!!! *whimper* I've met my other two favourites from the series, Michael Praed (Robin) and Judi Trott (Marion) along with several others at the "Legend" convention in Bristol, back in 2003, but Mark wasn't among them.

Hand-wringing about possibility to go or not put behind a cut to spare my poor flist )

Ack!!! Will have to think about it...


Mar. 3rd, 2008 10:28 am
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Had the most convoluted and weirdest dream - you'd think it was a full moon or something! The part I most clearly remember was that [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and I and a male we knew somehow got the opportunity to visit John Barrowman at his home. cut to spare you rambling dream recollection ) The last thing I remember is that it somehow came back to John again, before the alarm went off at 9:55. o_O

Now I'm totally shattered, and unfortunately I have to go to work (new job). Thank goodness only in the afternoon. I wouldn't normally be there on Mondays at all yet, but my predecessor is here this week for a more in-depth introduction to my duties. I'll compensate that extra half day when I have to be at my (old job) intern's oral examination in June.

Right. Tea, get dressed, post office, shop, lunch, work. Ugh.
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I'm on TORn. :)

My pictures from last night are now up here. Sorry for the blurriness particularly of the after-concert photos - some I just had to include anyway because I liked them for some reason. However the few I took at the signing came out pretty good. :)

I owe hugs and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope and [livejournal.com profile] ismenin for getting me the John Barrowman autobiography - thank you darlings! It arrived on Friday but in the pre-trip chaos I forgot to let you know. I read it all on the trip - I'm certain there were others on the train wondering who that madwoman was who kept giggling and mouthing things to herself, but hey, at least I didn't talk to myself out loud! There certainly are some episodes which I'd love to hear more about... and not just the one of John and Scott in a tree. ;)
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As you probably already know, John Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes" was released yesterday in book form in the UK. From 4. February on you'll also be able to get an abridged audio version, read by John himself. There's an excerpt, about a very pivotal moment in his career, as well as a video clip of him recording a pivotal moment in his personal life for the audiobook, on John's official site. Unfortunately you can't rightclick-save them and the video clip is pretty big and therefore potentially problematic for some, so if you're interested but can't get them to work like this, feel free to download them, bundled into a zip file, here.

PS: Y'all did hear about him doing booksignings around the UK, yes? The first one was yesterday in Birmingham, the rest of the dates are in February.
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which I've wanted to post for a while: John Barrowman will be back on Al Murray's Happy Hour (ITV1 in the UK) on 16th February. The taping is on 12th February - unfortunately tickets seem to be sold out already.

I sincerely hope that there will be a download available, because his first appearance on that show was so hilarious that not only John almost fell out of his chair laughing, but me too! ;)
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Sorry for not posting these yesterday, but I spent a lot of time in bed and the rest very inactive. Could feel much worse but it's still draining. I suck at reports at the best of times so I doubt I'll put together anything detailed, but let it be said that [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope and I had a lot of fun. Also, this entry would have gone up hours ago if not for Gallery giving me problems when uploading some of the picures. Thank goodness I'm a wily one and found a way around it - despite my brain only functioning partially. I really need to update to the newer version of Gallery, but not now!

I've put the pictures up at this gallery. The first day you can safely skip since it's mostly our hotel room (Omg we were at the Hyatt Regency - yes, a five star hotel, but their price was so ridiculously low that two nights were entirely affordable!) and the view from it, plus our delicious room service dinner: the best Nasi Goreng we ever had (including orgasmic rice and penis-shaped olive bread), and a choice of cheeses for dessert - ack I'm still trying to remember what that blue cheese is called. It was chucking down like mad so we didn't feel like going out, plus it was after 10pm at that point anyway. Second day is some pics of the city (that o_O bubbly building is a Selfridges), plus a few shots I managed to take of John at the stage door, after the panto. He was a darling and very patient, signing for everyone who was there and then posing for pictures.

The panto itself was hilarious, John was on top form and there was that in-joke between him and the audience running through the whole thing - for example he'd wink at the audience and disappear with one of the dancing boys at his palace after the genie made him rich. And the majority of the audience laughed at these bits. Two comedians called The Grumbleweeds played Chinese policemen and had a lot of the in-between scenes taking place at the front of the stage while in the background the set was being redone, and they wore various disguises like Ozzy Osbourne and Ali G, or *giggle* one of them dressed up as Cher - somewhere in between these two outfits - and he had a damn fine set of legs on him too! There were Daleks and lots of little Doctor Who and Torchwood references. In fact the whole thing was so good that [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope was converted to liking pantos, which she used to hate! Oh and they had some 3D stuff going on whenever the Genie appeared, for which everyone got the obligatory glasses, and the good news is: They didn't make me dizzy. So that's giving me some hope for the eventuality of The Hobbit being shot in 3D.

Last but certainly not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope - here's to a wonderful and healthy year! It was lovely to spend this pre-birthday weekend with you - and thank you so much for the lovely meals, in addition to everything else. *huggles*
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Sir Edmund Hillary dies - rest in peace, Sir Edmund.

Just wanted to post the above before signing off for the weekend - I'll catch the train to the airport in about an hour, then take a noon flight to Birmingham where I'll go see John Barrowman's panto with [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope! *bounce* So you all be bad good while I'm gone, and have a wonderful weekend! I'll play catch up either Sunday night or Monday.
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Two interesting interviews:

1) John Barrowman in Scotland on Sunday

2) Ian McKellen in Factory Magazine - right at the end, he mentions he'd love to be in The Hobbit. Be sure to download the podcast, which has a little more than the print version.

Also, I was remiss in posting this link so far - TORn have a poll up in which you can choose who you'd like to direct The Hobbit - right now the three leads are:

Fran Walsh (38%, 1,250 Votes)
Guillermo del Toro (35%, 1,158 Votes)
Sam Raimi (22%, 731 Votes)

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo kindly provided a download of Dom's appearance on Craig Ferguson - you can find it here. omfg I couldn't believe that sketch at the beginning... ROTFLMAO!!! Is there any talk show appearance of Dom's that doesn't have any gay innuendo? *snort* But ooooh the highlight was definitely when he was handling these animals... particularly the snakes! "Anyone in the audience?" - if I had been there you'd SO have heard me scream, "ME! ME!" and could have watched me run down to the stage. :D GUH, Dom and snakes, an irresistible combination. I really do hope he'll get some animal/environmental show, that would be so great. Odd though that he didn't mention I Sell the Dead when Craig asked what he'd been doing! Plus: Screen caps courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] green_queen.
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This video by the WGA (Writers' Guild of America) explains it:

Read more... )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo for the link!

Heads up for British John Barrowman fans: He will be touring the UK with his upcoming album during April 2008! Tickets go on sale Friday 9th November, album release date is the coming Monday, 12th November. You can listen to extracts from some of the songs here. If you (like me) can't see the player on that page: It's under the picture of the album cover; right-click on that area and then choose "play" and it should work, as long as you have the Flash plugin. Also watch out for John on Strictly Come Dancing this Sunday 11th November, and on GMTV on the 12th. More info at his official site.

Good news of today: My copy of Starlog #341, which I'd got off eBay because it features an interview with Sean Maher, arrived today. One thing worth getting up for! \o/

ETA: On a related note, check out [livejournal.com profile] meoinya's reports of her three trips to Firefly/Serenity conventions within the last month:

Starfury's Serenity: Infinity
Creation's Firefly/Serenity Salute
Starfury's Serenity LA

The latter two contain some interesting information which came from Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion, respectively... and in the former case particularly rather confirms the opinion I have of Starfury owner Sean H., while the latter I have already heard about, only with a higher number of months mentioned. I doubt very, very much that I'll go to Serenity: Complete next April, even if I could schedule it in. Hey, I can hope they'll add Sean Maher to the guest list of FedCon - it's unlikely that I can go the whole weekend, but they do sell day tickets...
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This is just in from George, moderator of the (official) John Barrowman mailing list, and I assume it should appear on John's official website very soon:

Well after months of my dodging rumors and queries to which I had to keep silent but UNTIL NOW!!! I can happily, giddily announce the following :

John Barrowman releases his highly anticipated album Another Side on November 12th out on Sony BMG.

Another Side is a collection of songs that John has long admired and wanted to reinterpret in his own distinctive way. Across a number of musical genres, but predominantly sumptuous, streamlined pop, he lends his rich vocals to, amongst others, Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", Elton John's "Your Song", and Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now". His rendition of Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman To Me" is velvet and sensuous, as is his heartfelt interpretation of All Out of Love.

I am VERY curious for this album! :D
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This meme was going around about a month ago but I didn't get around to it earlier:

(1) List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people!

Part of why it took me so long is that I wanted to not make it the obvious choices - I mean, it's no surprise when I say I'd shag Elijah or Sean Maher or Karl Urban, right? No, here's a few men I don't constantly drool and swoon about, but still find sexy and yeah, I would SO shag them without question... To make this really fresh and different, I have also avoided listing anyone who showed up on my List of Lust in February 2006. As usual it was difficult for me to put these men in a particular order, but this is about it as of today – tomorrow it might already look totally different. ;)

The five celebs ODQ would have sex with without even asking questions )

So this was it - I hope I was able to surprise you at least a little! :) I'm not tagging anyone, so those who haven’t done it yet and want to, feel free.

Phew! Off to bed now… night night, sweet dreams everyone!
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about lack of certain things in my dreams. There I was two nights ago, chatting with [livejournal.com profile] samena about dreams and bemoaning the fact that even in my dreams I hardly ever got any kissing let alone sex - and what do I dream last night, or rather earlier this morning?

I was kissing John Barrowman. I dimly remember he somehow figured into the dream earlier already, and I was wherever we were with a group of others, maybe family, maybe friends, maybe colleagues or strangers like in a travel group. But then I ended up alone with John at a bus stop shelter, and somehow we ended up kissing - and not just an innocent kiss on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips, oh no - and then we just couldn't stop. And there was definitely some hip grinding... Oh yes, that was rather nice, as you can imagine! But then other people started showing up so we had to stop, and he went to the kiosk/newsstand thingie right next to the bus stop shelter to get some cigarettes or something, while I was standing there trying to act as if nothing had happened, hoping that the one or two girls from among our group who had just joined us (but stood apart from me, because I didn't know them so well) wouldn't notice what had happened because they might get jealous. Of course that was when I woke up.

*siiigh* I wouldn't complain if I had more dreams like that! I guess in this case I owe thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mews1945 for mentioning Torchwood on her LJ, which prompted me to rewatch a few episodes before going to bed. ;D


Aug. 28th, 2007 07:26 am
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3 hours of sleep and the whole week still before me - oh and tomorrow morning a meeting, and Thursday morning a meeting. Great. Bloody brain should have an "off" switch.

To help cheer up others who aren't feeling good/doing well etc:



Oh yes, and go forth and vote for LotR as the Best Soundtrack of all Times!

John Barrowman's episode on Have I Been Here Before is on Youtube:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Very intrigueing!


Aug. 2nd, 2007 07:53 am
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From John Barrowman's official site:

posted 1 August 2007

John appears in a previously recorded appearance on 15th of August on ITV1's HAVE I BEEN HERE BEFORE. Presented by Phillip Schofield, the series in which celebrity guests are given the chance to regress to their past lives.

That sounds intrigueing - I never really did delve into the research that's been done into them, but I have an interest in the theory of past lives. I hope I'll be able to find an upload of it after it aired!
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Mischievous Jack! *bounce*

By the way, the Friday Night Project episode featuring John as guest host is now up on Youtube, in various incarnations. Do watch it, it's hilarious!
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An excerpt from John Barrowman's appearance on Friday Night Project - I certainly hope someone will upload the whole thing soon! ♥♥♥

[Error: unknown template video]


Jul. 18th, 2007 11:13 pm
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What the *bleep* is up with LJ please, not loading pages or only after the gazillionth try?! This is the second time in a week, and no it's not IE (same in Firefox) or my internect connection (I can reach other websites just fine)!

*stab stabbity stab*

*takes deep breath*

Anyway - look what [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo found!!! :D

More hi-res pics from yesterday's Joseph afterparty at the Sparklies Gallery - there's some Lee and Keith too, [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel! ;)

*copies the text of this entry because the post probably won't go through until the gazillionth try* Gosh, on the first try! /sarcasm

ETA: Weta does Doctor Who collectibles!!!

ETA2: For those going to LFCC - there are now tickets available for Dom photo sessions on the Saturday! ETA: And Sunday!
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While promoting the start of Torchwood on BBC America, John Barrowman made the following statements regarding being gay as an actor in Hollywood. The full and very interesting interview is at seattlepi.com. No, I'm not cutting this!

But Barrowman has only a limited track record in the U.S. because of a disappointing barrier that remains in force in Hollywood. It doesn't matter than Barrowman looks like a cross between Chris Noth and a sane Tom Cruise. He happens to be gay -- a fact that has no bearing on his acting ability or personality, but in terms of his American career, means everything.

Barrowman came close to being Will to Debra Messing's Grace, but lost the role because producers said he acted too straight. They then gave the role to Eric McCormack -- a straight man.


Well, given what you know about Hollywood versus British television, do you think a character like Captain Jack would ever fly here?

No, because they would never allow a gay man to play a hero. I firmly believe that. Because no actor who is playing a leading man would come out as saying he's gay. It's OK to be a secondary character in a show and be openly gay and play a character, but most gay, flouncy characters are played by gay men. One of the great things that (executive producers) Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner and the BBC and everyone involved with "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood," they have given a heroic leading man character to a gay man.

Who, I might add, is appealing not just to a gay audience, but to children, to women, to straight men -- they have proved that the audience doesn't care. Maybe it's the people who are the heads of networks here -- who, most of them are gay or lesbian themselves -- maybe, again, they're underestimating the intelligence of the audience.

So at this moment in time, I don't think it would happen in this country on one of the mainstream networks. Perhaps on an HBO, or a Showtime, one of those networks, because they can push the envelope a little bit. Because that's a specific audience that'll watch it and pay to watch it, you know what I mean?

BBC America is at this point where many more people are watching it, and it's very likely that "Torchwood" will be a hit. And the sci-fi genre is increasingly popular, even on mainstream networks. Don't you think there's an opportunity to say, 'Look, lots of people are watching me on this show -- men, women, kids, everybody. Don't you think this might be an opportunity to make that transition and break that barrier?'"

Absolutely. I think I'm breaking a barrier already by doing that. But I can't walk into a network and go, "I want you to put me in a show where I'm a leading man," you know, as a gay man. One of the things I remember they said to me when I did "Central Park West" for CBS, they told me not to talk about my personal life.

I found that insulting, particularly since the man who created the program was gay himself.

... That's where people like yourselves who are doing these articles and writing about it, you have to get across to the public that it's no big deal. That it's not an issue. Let them know that it's OK to like characters like that.

And don't make it an issue when somebody does come out! It's a good thing, but it doesn't have to be like, "Oh my God! They're gay!" It's just another part of (his) life.

Or when someone, if they are openly gay and people know they're up for a role and someone says, "Well they can't play it, they're gay." We need the help from the media to help open those doors with the audience. Because the audience is ready for it. Come on.

Eat this, people who claim being gay in Hollywood doesn't have any influence on career chances at all! Not that they're likely to read this entry anyway...

Dammit I need a JB/Captain Jack icon!!!! Must find time to go look for suitable pics!

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