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The Desolation of Smaug TV Spot #8 is here!

Lego bringing out new Hobbit video game in 2014?

See The Desolation of Smaug character posters in high resolution

The Desolation of Smaug TV Spot #9 “Dragon” is here!

New Desolation of Smaug photos from Empire Online and more!

Sylvester McCoy appears in ‘Doctor Who’ Short Film, with Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen cameos

Exclusive: Concept art of Lake-Town from Weta’s ‘Desolation of Smaug’ art & design book

Luke Evans talks Bard the Bowman and Bard the family man in ‘Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’

Tourism New Zealand is opening the Book of New Zealand in LA

There will also be the following online events over the coming days:

ON NOW: Fili and Kili answering fan questions today on The Hobbit facebook page

Monday, December 2: a live stream of tomorrow's Desolation of Smaug world premiere in LA on the official Facebook Page

Tuesday, December 3: Hobbit Live Twitter Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman & Luke Evans on the official Twitter:

Benedict Cumberbatch – 12:20pm PT / 3:20pm ET #AskSmaug
Martin Freeman – 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET #AskBilbo
Luke Evans – 2:40pm PT / 5:40pm ET #AskBard

Wednesday, December 4: a Google Plus hangout with Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman and Evangeline Lilly on the official Google+ Page

Last but not least, Air NZ unveiled its latest Hobbit plane livery - starring Smaug!!! Watch this timelapse video:

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A little addendum to the new trailer:

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, let these lovely gents introduce it to you!

The gents in question being Stephen Fry, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage.
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These are not news by any stretch of the imagination - just want to put these links here for completion's sake.

No Wellington premiere for Desolation of Smaug - a slight updated on that are in the following article:

Hobbit news in brief: new production video soon, trailer reactions and premiere update

The first The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer is now up at the Official website, of course, and you can find an analysis by TORn staff here and, more in detail, here.

NZSO hits high note with Hobbit sequel
An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition release date?

And here are some of Peter Jackson's Facebook updates:

Sir Ian's last shot, Orlando's last day, including a little video, Production DIary #11, Martin's last day, and a picture of Smaug admiring Bilbo's feet!

And this last one isn't Hobbit related, but might be of interest anyway: Peter Jackson talks to Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost about World's End
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Watch it before the BBC has it taken down...

Also, check out Martin and Benedict's video message for the fans at the first ever Sherlock panel at San Diego Comic Con. In the course of which Benedict finally spills the beans about how Sherlock did it... kind of. ;) (No spoilers, promise!)
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PJ just posted a Character Gallery album on his Facebook. So far it's the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf.
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Here's some San Diego ComicCon follow-up:

Full transcript of Comic-Con Hobbit Panel Q&A!

The bold ‘Hobbit’ trilogy decision and what to expect

Greenbooks guest post: how old is PJ’s Gollum?

Other stuff:

Oakley to launch limited-edition 3D Hobbit glasses

Andy Serkis: Martin Freeman was unpredictable on The Hobbit - Very reminiscent of what Steve Moffat and Mark Gatiss said on one of the Sherlock S1 DVD commentaries - that for every take, Martin did it a little differently, providing the director with a whole palette from which to pick from, and making it seem as if every time was the first time that he did the scene.

Loosely related:

Translation: Swedes plan self-sufficient Hobbit village
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There's footage of the Hobbit panel at SDCC up on Youtube (thanks for the link, Prim!). Not sure how long it will be up as it's not an "official" video, or if TPTB will bother to have it removed, but watch it while you can! The footage that was shown is not included, but you get almost 24 minutes of the panel - including surprise guest Frodo Baggins! :)
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ARGH! I was almost finished with putting together a Hobbit update post, when LJ suddenly sent me to the polls page - no idea how I landed there - and when I returned and hit "restore from saved draft", it went back to the version which only had the introductory sentences! So my apologies, but I will not redo the whole long thing again, and instead point you to the following sources which are currently covering The Hobbit at San Diego Comic Con:

TheOneRing.net as well as the Facebook Pages of Weta Workshop, Peter Jackson, and The Hobbit.
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If you're interested in more pics from the recent charity performance of Ian McKellen, with the support of most of the main Hobbit cast, go here: McKellen and friends at the Opera House

For those wanting to join TORn for their Hobbit premiere tour: TORn’s own tour to New Zealand for “The Hobbit” premiere is now open for business, and also read this Quick update to the TORn Hobbit Premiere story

Primary filming for The Hobbit is nearly done?

Aaaand last but very much not least - lucky those who get to go to SD Comic Con! Obviously TORn will be there - The Comic con blitz from TORn has begun - but also some very familiar (or soon to be so) faces: ‘Hobbit’ lineup announced for Comic-Con includes Jackson, McKellen, Serkis, Armitage, Freeman, Boyens!!!
And if that's not enough reason to envy SDCC goers, this Hobbit-unrelated announcement will do it - certainly for fellow Browncoats: Entire Firefly Cast Will Reunite At Comic-Con For The Show’s 10-Year Anniversary. "The cast of FIREFLY will talk about the past, present and future of FIREFLY, 10 years after its debut. " Um, FUTURE?! I mean, there have been comics, but... could it be, after Joss' success with Avengers?! I don't dare hope...
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Before I need to drag myself away from LJ etc. and get productive, here's the second Hobbit links post, as promised:

TheOneRing.net, ‘Hobbit’ stuff at Comic-Con: Full details! - and in latest ComicCon rumours, More evidence for Freeman and Armitage at Comic-Con plus video of the ‘Hobbit’ cast on stage — together I wonder if Elijah will be there, and if so, if he'll join them on stage, even if only briefly? :)

First Hobbit DVD set for mid-2013 release

Hobbit trailer to show in US theatres with Brave. But which trailer? - added this one just for completion's sake. The current status is: Confirmation: ‘Hobbit’ trailer #2 not new material and What’s different in Hobbit trailer #2? - One more reason to go see Brave!

Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop announces The Fellowship of the Ring Diorama Set 1 Oh, to have spending money #5657...

Join TheOneRing.net in Wellington for ‘Hobbit’ world premiere event, further adventures in New Zealand

There will be one more post after this one (hopefully later today), where the focus of several articles is on Billy Connolly's recent hints about Dain Ironfoot.
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Oh.My.God. SO RELIEVED that even though it was by the same writer as my least favourite ep, "The Blind Banker", "The Reichenbach Fall" is soooo much better!

Spoilers behind the cut )

Now I'll have to rewatch all three episodes in a row. Frequently. At least the DVD will be released soon in the UK - I preordered it already at Amazon.co.uk, of course, and once it's here, it'll be a 6 episode marathon. Until Season 3 is here. How long will that be?! *whine*
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The Hobbit Teaser is coming, soon - Weta posted on their FB page today, Warner Bros announces release of The Hobbit trailer on their Twitter page today : "Get your 1st look at the return to Middle-earth on 12/21 when the trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey plays before Tintin Movie!"

Rain puts early end to Hobbit

New WB press release and a mystery bit of casting - and today's update, Revealing Tweets peg John Bell as Bain, Bard’s son

http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2011/12/16/51450-stephen-fry-talks-cowardly-greedy-master-of-laketown/">Stephen Fry Talks "Cowardly, Greedy" Master of Laketown

Hobbit SFX Supervisor Joe Letteri Talks Gollum to MovieWeb

LEGO Lands ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ - Okay, how come they are listing Evangeline Lily among the cast, but not Benedict Cumberbatch?! Surely Smaug has a bigger role than the elf Evie plays? *is miffed* But back to the subject of the press release - June 2012 means the first sets could be ready in time for my birthday... ;) Shut up, Legos are cool!

Empire Magazine’s New Bilbo Image! and Total Film Magazine Reveals More Hobbit Photos - Dang, I really don't have a budget for all these magazines! But doesn't Martin look amazing as Bilbo?! :D
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The Hobbit update! The most important ones first:

PJ's latest production video, featuring Martin!Bilbo, a couple of FroLijah glimpses, and various other familiar faces - and lots of info on the 3D technique they're using.

Quint from AICN is on the Hobbiton set - as a Hobbit extra, even! - and has posted his first two reports (SPOILERS, oviously):

An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit! Part 1 - Concerning Hobbiton

An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit! Part 2 - They Call Me Mr. Chubb

NZ gets the Hobbit World premiere - two TORn reports here and here - with link to full press conference. Based on that video, some speculation: The Auction of Bilbo’s Goods to be Included?

Various location/set reports/rumours - some a little old - and some other tidbits:

Read more... )

Right, I think that's it for now... phew!
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It's been ages since I posted any Hobbit news! Not that much has been going on while Martin Freeman was back in the UK shooting series 2 of Sherock, but I did have a few links open in my tabs a few weeks ago - and then Firefox decided to irretrievably lose all my tabs, grrr! Anyway, here are some recent signs that things are ramping up in NZ for the next leg of filming:


Psst … hobbits coming to Te Kuiti in Waikato

October 12th, 2011 by linuxelf | Source: Waikato Times 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

the Waikato Times is reporting:

Word on the Te Kuiti street is the hobbits are coming to town.

Crew members from the big-budget Warner Bros project have signed-in to King Country lodgings and at least one establishment is booked out with creative types from October 30 to November 6. [...]


Glenorchy going green

October 16th, 2011 by xoanon 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

The green world of a hobbit means a 10,000 litre water tank will have to be placed near Glenorchy for the irrigation of the temporary grasses and plants on the set of the Peter Jackson-directed film The Hobbit. [...]


Hobbit moves to Marlborough

Middle Earth is heading to Marlborough.

A scene from the first of two Hobbit movies from Sir Peter Jackson is to be shot near Pelorus Bridge, 60 kilometres west of Blenheim, over 10 days in December. [...]
(Full article contains mild spoilers for said scene, for those who don't know the story at all.)


Icelandic Horses to Play in The Hobbit

Icelandic horses will play a big part in The Hobbit, the upcoming film directed by Peter Jackson, based on the eponymous story by J.R.R. Tolkien. Shooting is currently taking place in New Zealand. [...]


Hobbit crews to hit the road in convoys

October 22nd, 2011 by xoanon 0 Comments and 3 Reactions

Hobbit fans, it looks like we’ve got us a convoy – a couple of them, in fact. Two convoys, each of about 200 vehicles, will leave today from Sir Peter Jackson’s Stone Street Studios in Miramar to transport vital gear for location filming. [...]

Last but not least, according to several Twitter posts, Elijah Wood is in NZ. :) And I do believe Benedict Cumberbatch mentioned going down in a recent Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</I. related interview... possibly in January? My brain, it is fried.
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'Hobbit' First Look: 3 Pics!

Peter Jackson lets us sneak a peek at work-in-progress; spy Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, with the director's comments
By Josh Rottenberg | Jun 23, 2011

Eeeeeeh! Martin looks fantastic! :D I'll have to make a young!Bilbo icon now! :D
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Contains a mention of the Best Drama winner, in case you haven't heard yet and mind spoilers for awards shows. This will no doubt be all over the press very soon anyway, but if you prefer to wait for the official announcement, don't click on the cut. :)

Read if you really want to find out )

I'm sure PJ will forgive him. :) omg now I can't wait to hear more about this bit of casting... *flails*

ETA: Just wanted to add, some people are questioning whether it wasn't just a joke, but frankly I can't see Martin taking it this far without saying at the end, "Sorry, just kidding".

ETA2: TheOneRing.net have put this up as "Breaking News"

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