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The Desolation of Smaug TV Spot #8 is here!

Lego bringing out new Hobbit video game in 2014?

See The Desolation of Smaug character posters in high resolution

The Desolation of Smaug TV Spot #9 “Dragon” is here!

New Desolation of Smaug photos from Empire Online and more!

Sylvester McCoy appears in ‘Doctor Who’ Short Film, with Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen cameos

Exclusive: Concept art of Lake-Town from Weta’s ‘Desolation of Smaug’ art & design book

Luke Evans talks Bard the Bowman and Bard the family man in ‘Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’

Tourism New Zealand is opening the Book of New Zealand in LA

There will also be the following online events over the coming days:

ON NOW: Fili and Kili answering fan questions today on The Hobbit facebook page

Monday, December 2: a live stream of tomorrow's Desolation of Smaug world premiere in LA on the official Facebook Page

Tuesday, December 3: Hobbit Live Twitter Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman & Luke Evans on the official Twitter:

Benedict Cumberbatch – 12:20pm PT / 3:20pm ET #AskSmaug
Martin Freeman – 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET #AskBilbo
Luke Evans – 2:40pm PT / 5:40pm ET #AskBard

Wednesday, December 4: a Google Plus hangout with Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman and Evangeline Lilly on the official Google+ Page

Last but not least, Air NZ unveiled its latest Hobbit plane livery - starring Smaug!!! Watch this timelapse video:

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Don't forget today's Hobbit Fan Event with PJ and various cast members! It starts at 2PM PT/5PM ET, a.k.a. 10PM GMT, 11PM CET, and 11AM NZDT.

You can watch the live stream on the official Facebook Page or on their official Youtube Channel.

To pass the time until then:

See TV spot #4 and #5 for The Desolation of Smaug
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Just a few highlights from the past weeks:

Wellington Town Hall “off-limits” as NZSO records for The Hobbit

Analysing the role of The Necromancer in The Hobbit

Benedict Cumberbatch to be honoured with Britannia award
- Congratulations Benedict! This is well-earned! :D

Peter Jackson receives New Zealand’s highest honour - And congratulations to PJ too!

Researching THE FRODO FRANCHISE: Part 5, Watching Peter Jackson Direct - Links to parts 1-4 of Kristin Thompson's series of entries about the research for her book are at the start of this entry. If you haven't read the book, it's well worth getting!

Loosely related:

Are the studios trying to kill Blu-Ray? (The answer is certainly a "YES" if you look at the Star Trek Into Darkness release - commentary only with the iTunes version WTF???!!!)

Someone made a suggestion for a Sherlock Lego set - click the "Support" button if you want to see it realized! :D
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and Peter Jackson is posting about it throughout the day on his Facebook Page. Head on over if you're curious!
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These are not news by any stretch of the imagination - just want to put these links here for completion's sake.

No Wellington premiere for Desolation of Smaug - a slight updated on that are in the following article:

Hobbit news in brief: new production video soon, trailer reactions and premiere update

The first The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer is now up at the Official website, of course, and you can find an analysis by TORn staff here and, more in detail, here.

NZSO hits high note with Hobbit sequel
An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition release date?

And here are some of Peter Jackson's Facebook updates:

Sir Ian's last shot, Orlando's last day, including a little video, Production DIary #11, Martin's last day, and a picture of Smaug admiring Bilbo's feet!

And this last one isn't Hobbit related, but might be of interest anyway: Peter Jackson talks to Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost about World's End
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So Hobbit pick-ups have begun (while Sherlock is taking a break before filming episode three of the third series), and PJ has announced that a) these would be their "last ever Tolkien pick ups" *sniff* and b) a new video diary would follow soon.

I won't be able to post many Hobbit updates from here on out - partially because of the limits my family situation poses on my time, which certainly is not helped by LJ having been erratic in posting the RSS feed from TORn for quite a while now. If I come across something particularly interesting/important/squee-worthy, I'll still post about it here, so you won't be completely deprived. ;) The updates will just be far(ther) and few(er) between, and have less content.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and dropping the occasional comment! :)
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HOBBIT week on The Colbert Report

More sightings of new TV spots!

Peter Jackson talks Smaug

TheOneRing.net’s ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Giveaway!

Imagining Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: Part Three

Video: TORn on the red carpet

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] primula_baggins for the following: The Hobbit Cast Promotions, Performances and Events

Hobbit TV spot #9; hello hint of Smaug!
- Of course you just see his silhouette, more or less!

Follow Tolkien’s footsteps through the Swiss Alps - Neat! It seems he made it to Chur, the capitol of the Swiss canton I grew up in. :) And I guess on one of my future visits home I'll have to take a trip to the village of Jenins to visit the Tolkien museum there, which will open next year (September 2013, I read somewhere)!

New Zealand peak could be dubbed: Mount Tolkien

An Interview with the Elusive Fran Walsh!
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Imagining Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: Part Two

The Hobbit: red carpet round-up!

Best interview with Peter Jackson I’ve heard

The One Expected Party Website
- Yup, TORn is holding Oscar parties again for The Hobbit!

Green Dragon opens in Hobbiton for thirsty fans, New Zealand - Sooooo excited to get to see it once I get to go back!!! :D And I hope we'll get to see the matching rings that the Hobbit cast got - that's so wonderful, that they bonded just like the LotR Fellowship and chose to commemorate it!

No Surprise Here: The Hobbit Makes Shortlist for Visual-Effects Oscar

Hobbit TV spot #8 and rumors of another (with Smaug)
- I hope we'll get to see that rumoured one soon!
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There are other Hobbit links I need to post, but since it's time for me to go to bed, I'll just drop the latest one here - PJ's Hobbit Production Video #9! Lots of familiar faces again, which is just wonderful.

According to PJ, "It's due to be completed literally two days before the premiere. Hopefully. Hehehehe."


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