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HOBBIT week on The Colbert Report

More sightings of new TV spots!

Peter Jackson talks Smaug

TheOneRing.net’s ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Giveaway!

Imagining Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: Part Three

Video: TORn on the red carpet

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] primula_baggins for the following: The Hobbit Cast Promotions, Performances and Events

Hobbit TV spot #9; hello hint of Smaug!
- Of course you just see his silhouette, more or less!

Follow Tolkien’s footsteps through the Swiss Alps - Neat! It seems he made it to Chur, the capitol of the Swiss canton I grew up in. :) And I guess on one of my future visits home I'll have to take a trip to the village of Jenins to visit the Tolkien museum there, which will open next year (September 2013, I read somewhere)!

New Zealand peak could be dubbed: Mount Tolkien

An Interview with the Elusive Fran Walsh!
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Have a semi-cold (i.e. one that hasn't really, truly, fully broken out) and am not amused about it, so here's some light entertainment. I did this years ago, but thought I could post an update. Of course in several countries I only actually visited one city (in China it was Hong Kong, in Argentina Buenos Aires, etc.), but anyway:

Countries I have visited )

Same goes for most of the United States:

US States I have visited )

Off out

Nov. 12th, 2010 06:42 am
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for a brief visit with [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and the Queen of Evil (who isn't so evil at all in reality *g*), and on Sunday it's London and The Children's Monologues featuring (among many others) Benedict Cumberbatch! *flails*

Have a good weekend!
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Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't kidnapped or killed in the Big Bad Apple. ;) Had a short but great weekend there, in the course of which I got to do some archery and to my surprise shot surprisingly consistently. Okay, having arrows that weren't bent and had all their feathers probably helped a bit, LOL. That did mean though that we were too tired to go see 9 at the cinema that evening. Oh well... there's still the DVD. Also had lobster for the first time in my life - and it was yummy!

Next stop: RingCon! And omg I need to finish my packing list! *flails*
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but I only wish! :/

Work is mostly of the routine/boring kind, and not busy enough to help me overcome my inertia caused by bad sleep and neck/back related problems. Hopefully my new mattress really will arrive this week, because the old one is just plain and simple f-ing with my back/neck, as was very obvious from the first night I spent on it after my holidays. Also have a Wednesday appointment with my sister for a BowTech treatment, which of course I haven't had since mid July. Oh and PMSing doesn't help with all this, obviously, but it seems we're almost past the "Pre" phase now, at least.

Of course I still haven't done any Aotearoa '09 image sorting, apart from what I did on the trip. I also still need to figure out how I can better fit the clips from my video camera on only one or two DVDs - when I try to do it with the software that came with the camera, I can hardly fit a handful of clips on one DVD-R/+R even though there aren't that many long ones, so that's not practical at all!

The sliver of light on the horizon is my weekend trip to NYC - leaving directly from work on Friday 25th mid morning, and coming back again directly to work on Monday 28th. No big plans except visiting a friend and his daughter, and letting them show me around Queens. *counts the days*

Watched three films made in/about NZ and particularly the Maori over the weekend: River Queen, Whale Rider (again), and Once Were Warriors. All three are good in their own ways, and funny enough, all three feature yummy Maori actor Cliff Curtis in an important role. :) Of course a not so likeable one in the latter (OWW) - it's one of those films that is difficult to watch in places, but the performances were fantastic all around. It really deserves its good reputation! As does Whale Rider, of course, and I also liked River Queen a lot.

Oh well. Time to go back to work... until sometime later!
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After 1 1/2 years of planning, tomorrow morning I'll finally be leaving for Middle Earth New Zealand! *bounce* The trip will be horribly long, but in London I'll join [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope, [livejournal.com profile] trianne and [livejournal.com profile] yukiball for the Air NZ flight to Auckland via LA, so the company will help to make time pass quicker. And after we arrive in Auckland on the 25th, of course we'll meet up with the rest of the gang - whee! *bounce bounce*

If you're interested, we'll be posting public reports and pics over at [livejournal.com profile] aotearoa09.

Have a great month everyone! *hugs*
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On the one hand: Goodness, it's only Tuesday, and only in the early afternoon?!

On the other hand: Holy crap, only one week and one day of work left before NZ!!!! o_O
I'm really glad I have my packing list ready - now I only need to finalise just which and how many clothes I exactly will take... and make sure that they're not still in the washing next Wednesday. :)
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I'm home, I'm knackered, and right now I don't even want to think about going to the birthday party of a work colleague tomorrow afternoon... although I'm sure once I'm there it will be fun. But now I think I'll take a bath, have some tea and a little food, and go curl up in bed with a hot water bottle.

This post is brought to you by coming home from lovely warm Romania to cool home, in association with PMS.
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Just did my web checkin for tomorrow's flight home. In a way I'd really have liked to stay longer, we had a good time for sure! The course banquet was fun and the party afterwards too. I danced a LOT - and in fact this was the first time I truly enjoyed dancing with a partner! Also managed to visit "Dracula's" castle today with almost all of the organising team who are still here. Ah, but it will be good to have the weekend at home.

Well anyway, better go to bed - in theory I can sleep in tomorrow as our transfer bus to the airport leaves at 11AM, but you never know what my organism will do (like today, when it woke me up at 5:45 AM a.k.a. 1 1/2 hours before I had to get up - WTF?!).

TTY when I'm back!
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Just thought while I'm sitting at our booth here all alone, I'd post a quick "Hello from Romania!" post. :) It's the second course day and already we have hardly any participants coming to the booth anymore, except to pick up some "Gummibears" we have in two big glass jars, LOL. (Whee, I just had a few come by with questions about books etc.) One of the three of us here for booth duty is feeling sick to her stomach today - in fact she did mention feeling queasy yesterday late afternoon already, but then it seemed to go away again - but it seems that even during coffee breaks it's enough for one of us to be here now.

A little bit about the town of Sinaia )

Course is on until Thursay noon-ish, then we'll pack up and Friday it's back to Switzerland - at least for me, the other two are staying two more days to explore the area a bit. We also have an open offer from "our" taxi driver for a round trip to "Dracula's" (a.k.a. Vlad Tepes') castle near Brasov/Transylvania and back for a rather good price - it was either 120 or 150 Euro that he quoted, can't remember clearly now, which is ridiculously cheap for a three-hour excusion, especially divided by three. We'll have to discuss it tonight at the banquet - if our sick colleague can make it *crosses fingers* - or tomorrow.

Hope you're all having a good week, talk to you sometime soon!
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but I REALLY don't want to, and I REALLY don't want to get up at 4:45 AM tomorrow! *pouts* On the one hand I am looking forward to going to Romania for a week (for work again), but on the other hand I just want to sleep in tomorrow and have a quiet weekend at home! I'm seriously considering going to bed now and get up an hour early tomorrow and finish packing then - I do have everything ready, really, just need to chuck out some of the clothes I've piled up and put everything in the suitcase.

Hmm yes, probably the best approach. Not sure if I'll have internet connection there, but I'll be back next Friday night - and then I'll have 3 1/2 weeks of - well not quite peace and quiet, because I'll be packing and preparing for NZ omgomgomg! :D

Right, off with me now - have a great weekend and week everyone!
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Sadly I'm home again - have been for an hour (which is an hour late, grr) and unpacked the urgent stuff and had dinner and opened some birthday pressies. I'll try to post the full story of my fantabulous birthday weekend and reply to all the lovely birthday wishes I got asap - more likely tomorrow than tonight, as I really need a hot bath and I suspect I'll go straight to bed afterwards, what with me being back to work tomorrow. Until then! ♥
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I'm in a real in-between state - I've barely unpacked from Vienna, and only started putting together the clothes for London, though at least I have my outfits for the two times I'm going to see The King and I. I hope the Tube strike's aftermath will be over by the time I arrive in town tomorrow afternoon - thank goodness they didn't include Friday! Got my train tickets booked for the trip to/from the airport here, and also for my lunch appointment on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] serenitysangel and F., a.k.a. the Queen of Evil. Can't wait! *bounce* :D

Also can't wait to see Daniel on stage!!! And pleasepleasepPLEASE let him come to the stage door!!! omg just thinking about the possibility of actually briefly meeting/talking to Daniel makes me all jalkjfalösdfjaösljd!!!

I started reading A Day in the Life, which at this point is still dealing with the families of Jake's parents, which - wow. I had no idea that they were *that* high in British high society, particularly on his mother's side. The opening was actually difficult to read, as it starts with a crucial and emotionally harrowing moment in the life of young Jake and his brother. I did read some tidbits from later in the book - definitely an interesting and at some times omg-this-can't-be-real read ahead! And the photos are interesting - Jake looks so much like his father. Yup, I know what travel lecture I'm taking.

But enough babbling - work to do... I'll TTY again at the latest next week!
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Got back home from Vienna Saturday night at 10PM - quite a bit later than planned, due to a lightning storm over Zurich which caused our plane to arrive and consequently start late in Vienna, then we were in a holding pattern for a while near Zurich because the storm was still going on, and in the end had to go to Basle for a refuel stop before we could finally land in Zurich! The two of us who had to travel to Davos were not amused, I can tell you! Not surprisingly, I didn't sleep nowhere near as long or good as I would have needed to recover properly, and yesterday my head felt as if it was wrapped in cotton and achy, coming from my stiff and aching back/neck from all the standing at the booth and dozing in the airplane seat for so long. But the rest of the trip was good. Will try to post at least a few pictures before I leave for London and Daniel Dae Kim in "The King and I" on Friday. omg! Please everyone cross your fingers that he'll come to the stage door Friday and/or Saturday and that I actually manage to open my mouth? *whimper*

In other exciting news: Craig Parker will return to RingCon this year!!!! Squeeeeeeee!!! Also Thomas Robbins (Deagol) and Bruce Hopkins (Gamling). Now I hope that Mark Ferguson won't leave his "wife" to travel to Germany all alone... ;)
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Just quickly before I have to head to the congress centre:

Variety report

Kristin Thompson's commentary

I've not seen a lot of the Vienna yet, but it seems a city well worth spending time here with lots to see and do. Some more sightseeing this afternoon, after a half day's standing at our booth, so there will be pics eventually. Have a good day!
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First of all I'd like to share this brilliant article about introverts with you which [livejournal.com profile] shirasade just pointed out: Caring for Your Introvert So many true points in there! And there are even introverts who don't get the need for space and being alone that their fellow introverts have...

Also, I'll be leaving for Vienna tomorrow noon where I'll be among a small group of coworkers staffing the booth we have at the edge of a big conference Wednesday to Friday. Should be interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of Vienna - never been there before. I should be able to check LJ and e-mail occasionally, but am not sure how often. Hope you'll all have a good week, and I'll TTY Saturday night or Sunday at the latest! :)

A Poet's Guide to Britain on BBC Four - presenter Owen Sheers is rather cute, isn't he? I guess I can continue packing in 20 minutes... ;)
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This week's LJ Spotlight features professional photographer and solo traveler Sarah Underwood, who is "living the dream as she explores the stunning landscape of New Zealand [and Australia] on a budget". Her diary of the trip is [livejournal.com profile] sarahdownundah. I haven't had the time yet to look at her entries in depth, but the photos I saw during my quick browse of a few of them certainly looked beautiful. :)

Will x-post this to [livejournal.com profile] aotearoa09
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In exactly six months this very minute(-ish), my plane will leave Zurich airport in direction of London Heathrow, where I'll join [livejournal.com profile] trianne and hopefully [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope and [livejournal.com profile] yukiball on Air New Zealand flight NZ1 headed towards Auckland via LA! \o/



Nov. 13th, 2008 09:12 am
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I just gave my boss the final dates for my New Zealand holiday: Thursday, 23rd July to Sunday, 23rd August 2009! \o/

Flights should also be finalized today. \o/

Now I only need to decide what I'll do in the 2 weeks after the Red Carpet Tour. :D

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