Apr. 25th, 2008 11:01 pm
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There's already a release date for the Lost Season 4 DVDs: December 9, 2008. Full press release at

I still have to watch my Season 3 DVDs... eep!

Also - [ profile] serenitysangel and other Firefly/Nathan fans, did you hear about this already? I only copied the Nathan relevant bits over - it's not much, but still.

Alyssa Milano circles ABC pilot
Nathan Fillion eyes lead in comedy 'Castle'

By Nellie Andreeva

April 25, 2008

Alyssa Milano and Nathan Fillion are in negotiations for the respective leads in two ABC pilots: the untitled Kristin Newman comedy and drama presentation "Castle."


"Castle," from ABC Studios, is a comedic procedural about a famous mystery novelist (Fillion) helping the NYPD solve crimes.

Fillion recurs on ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and recently wrapped the feature "Chilled in Miami."

Now if only Sean Maher would finally get another project...
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At long last. :)

Details can be found at various places like Hollywood Reporter".

Oh, and Lost has already been picked up for another season by ABC last week, along with several other shows. Don't have the link handy for that right now. I still haven't watched the first two episodes of S4. Along with lots of other stuff.
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That's too funny. I had a parcel in the mail today which confused me. It was one of those yellow padded envelopes, so I was thinking it might have been from eBay since I couldn't have thought who would still send me a gift - not one this big. But the sticker said it was from Amazon. Usually they use cardboard boxes, so huh. I look inside, and it's my Lost S3 DVD set. Then I notice the sticker with the return address. No, it wasn't sent from the US, where I had ordered it, nor the UK nor Germany: it was sent from Auckland, New Zealand. o_O

Am watching Reindeer Games, with Charlize Theron (to my private amusement as a redhead), a very sexy Gary Sinise with long hair and a small moustache and beard, and Danny Trejo as one of Gary's guys. (Ben who? Oh, Affleck? Who cares? ;)) Really funny movie, witty dialogue. I liked this exchange between Danny's character and Gary's - Danny's was reading a magazine while Gary's was driving the truck they were in (this is not word for word exact, but you'll get the gist):

D: Research says that retail makes 50% of its annual profits between December 1st to 25th. That's half a year's profit in one month. Now it seems to me an intelligent country would invent a second gift-giving event in May or June, to help business.

G: Ever since you started evening school you've been giving me a headache.

Well, it was funny the way they delivered their lines. *g*

Dang, looks like I missed Danny's last scene while writing this? Oh well. *g* The film is finished, so it's time for bed - five day weekend, wheee!!!
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Actually in this 12" edition (they aren't 12" apparently, but in Hobbit scale to the usual 12" figures, according to a commenter who saw them at ComicCon), Frodo looks a little better than in the Premium Format edition! But still not good enough for me to shell out a lot of money for.

You wouldn't believe the B.S. I dreamed last night. Including some Lost stuff in which Kate and Jackass meet Henry for the first time, and he has this longish curly hair, tied back in his neck but there's a strand hanging down the right side of his face, ahahaha! And he's on crutches. And then he takes them aside separately, and (with short hair now, but without glasses) proceeds to get out some bullets from Kate's shoulder/chest, while Jack stands by idly! ROTFL!!! And then they go get Hurley and Sawyer and "me" and I think Charlie and maybe one or two others, and we end up hanging out with some of Henry's people and dancing. *snigger* This all was preceded by some other stuff happening here at home. I sorta woke up before the alarm and then only dozed until it went off. Wasn't a good night, but TGIF!
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Buena Vista Home Entertainment has sent over early details on the third season of Lost which stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lily. This new seven-disc package will be available to own from the 11th December. All 23 episodes will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround tracks. Extras will include audio commentaries, a one-on-one with Matthew Fox, a featurette on The Others, a documentary chronicling 24 hours in production, never before seen flashbacks, behind the scenes looks at 10 episodes, deleted scenes, and bloopers.

They better include a behind-the-scenes look at "Greatest Hits"...
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Gakked from many on my flist:

Click here to create your own painting.

I've been listening to Kill Hannah pretty much nonstop since the CD arrived yesterday... *sighs happily, takes another sip of tea* Oh, I'll have to post the pics [ profile] lilithlotr took of me with Mat and Jonny, when the band hung around the merchandise area after their (brief - stupid organisers) show at Give It A Name. Even I am pretty happy with them... :) Which reminds me - I need to continue working on that report of my London trip before it's back to work on Monday! And I guess I should catch up on Lost before next week's Charlie episode... *gulp*
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An interesting article from, providing a little insight into how the Lost action figures came to be. Also, regarding series 2 figures:

SO WHAT'S NEXT? McFarlane said he plans to release two series of action figures next year. He wouldn't confirm details, but the next bunch is expected to include Sayid, Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick), Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), Sun (Yunjin Kim), Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway in all his bare-chested, beefcake glory).

Oh my. Now where do I put all of these...? :)
ourdramaqueen: (lotr frodo rotk grey havens smile) poll: Who should direct "The Hobbit" if Peter Jackson doesn't? It's at the bottom right of the page. OMG some of the most 'popular' choices... *shudder* But the result that got the top votes, oh yeah... certainly under the current circumstances! :)

Also, from the same source:

Lost Moving to 10 on Wednesdays

ABC is moving "Lost" out of the way of the "American Idol" juggernaut, reports Variety.

ABC's January schedule, set to be unveiled later today, has "Lost" moving to Wednesdays at 10 when it returns Feb. 7. The shift ensures the third-year series won't have to battle the Fox behemoth.

A year ago, "Lost" took a notable ratings hit once "Idol" returned. The series has held steady in the ratings this fall vs. last spring, but ABC executives clearly don't want to take the chance of further slippage.

ABC has decided to slot its buzzworthy laffer "Knights of Prosperity" Wednesdays at 9 p.m., directly against the "Idol" results show. It'll be paired at 9:30 with another new comedy, "In Case of Emergency."

The new comedy block is set to debut Jan. 3, a month before "Daybreak" was set to end its run. The series may shift to 10 p.m. Wednesday before "Lost" premieres.
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Did you send yours yet?


Lost action figure shopping ramblings - cut for those who haven't seen Season 2 yet so they can avoid character spoilerage, and to spare the rest of you my stream of consciousness ponderings. )

Ergo - I can just go for the whole hock, though I might forego the dioramas. The prototypes look better than most LOTR action figures really good, IMHO, so I'm hoping for the end products to look just as good.

ETA: Maybe I can find a mainland European online dealer, as ordering all of them from the UK would be hideously expensive due to shipment. My gosh, there's even two Swiss online dealers that has them! The slightly cheaper one doesn't have them all though, and of course Charlie is among the ones not available. I guess it will be several orders at both sites then...

*Anyone heard of a street date for Wave 2? The McFarlane website doesn't list them yet, but I'm assuming since Forbidden Planet in the UK already has them up that the character selection is official. It better be, at least regarding Jin!
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I had forgotten that [ profile] foxykc had posted about this on her LJ a couple of weeks ago - they had asked if they could advertise on the Lost-TV Forum. And it seems Celeb Events was formerly known as Jealous Events and has a bad rep, and was even cited negatively on a British consumer TV show. See details here.

I'll still ask Dawn, [ profile] serenitysangel.
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Whee, "Lord of the Rings": Popular Culture in Global Context has arrived!!! *bounce* The Contents look VERY interesting! I glanced at the "Tolkien Dirty" chapter briefly, and I'm afraid it only touches on fan fic (slash) a little (the Library of Moria is mentioned), it's mostly about porn films like "Lord of the G-Strings". I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend! :D

ETA: Oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Aaaaaaargh I would LOVE to do a Lost convention (and it's shortly before my birthday too, AND at the Thistle, which I know from Serenity Cubed), but I might go to Serenity: Infinity in September, depending on the guests... OMG who knows, they might even get Daniel... However, I've never heard of Celeb Events, does anyone know them, are they for real and good?
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeh LOST IS BACK!!!!! If episode 3 of season 3 is an indication of things to come, omg season 3 will soooo blow season 1 out of the water! *hopes*

My wireless is back, yay! Turns out it actually wasn't the router itself, but the transformer box on the cable that was fried. So now I have a backup router, and hopefully this new cable/transformer box will hold longer than the old one - I mean, a little over two years, come on!

The only fly in the ointment (apart from the fact that I slept about oh, 4 hours last night even though I was really tired): two things, closely related, that should be moving, aren't. *checks again* Nope. *sigh* Paaaaaatience young Padawan, patience! *eats around fly*

I'm sure there were several other things I meant to post about, but Brain has run off once again. Should you see it, please send it back to me by priority mail, thanks. ;)

In the meantime, I neeeed your help because I cannot decide between these three icon variations: )
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I was about to post a couple of hours earlier when out of the blue, my wireless router gave out, the bastard! Seems it's fried, and of course the warranty period is over already. *rolls eyes* Now usually I'd have to pay CHF 250 for a new one, but my sister reminded me that a couple of weeks ago there was an e-mail regarding a special offer for customers of 1+ years - get the wireless router for only CHF 78. So I just ordered one and should receive it in a couple of days. Thank goodness there are some other wireless networks in the area which aren't secured, so I'm now piggybacking on someone else's connection.

And it seems LJ's database problems are mostly resolved? *crosses fingers*

Anyway, what I had wanted to post... the How Many of Me meme )

Thanks to [ profile] bunniewabbit for pointing out this Bobbyclip with Elijah and Lindsay on Youtube! SPOILERS of course.

And in Lost related news... Freaky cool spoiler clip from episode 3 and this is very silly! *giggle* You'll have to wait a bit until it starts, and make sure the sound is turned on. If you haven't seen episode 1 of season 3 yet it's not half as funny, but it shouldn't spoil you for anything important. :)
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Can someone get me this, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?????!!!!!! I swear he gets hotter every year... *drools*
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so I'm assuming the British Lost fans on it haven't noticed this yet?

Lost - Series 2 - Part 1

Release date: 17 July, 2006.

Which means it's out almost two months before the US release of Lost - The Complete Second Season!
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Yes, indeed - I'm still live (as those whose LJs I occasionally commented on know)! Boy, I think the only times in the last two years when I was silent for so long were during trips to other countries... *blush* Sorry for disappearing - I wasn't ignoring you (in general or in particular), just a combination of being busy, not feeling very communicative overall, and lacking the focus to do a proper post. I'll endeavour to catch up on comments etc. over the next couple of days.

Not much news really (at least none that I'd share publically) - so here are a few meanderings of my mind:

I'm basking in the incredibly wonderful summer weather right now. Renovations on the house I'm renting in are coming along nicely - and I really, really hope that the dark red currently on the window frames and wooden roof beams is the final colour, as it looks very cool! Will be glad when they're finished though, as I want to finally get my plants from Mum's and put them on the balcony!

So I hear Dom AND Daniel Dae Kim (among other Lost cast members) will be in the UK next week doing press?! So near and yet so far... Oh and of course Lij will be at LFCC - have a great time, those of you going! And sorry for those who wanted to see him at ELF - I hope you'll get another occasion, and that you'll have a good time with your friends anyway! *hugs and fingers crossed*

I recently saw the trailer for The Mistress of Spices, which I own as a book. Now it's been quite a while since I last read it, but I seem to remember that cut for possible spoilers ) I must say if they changed this, that doesn't really endear the movie to me... though it does look luscious otherwise. Not like it will make any difference, as it seems it won't come anywhere near here anyway, and I don't have any big city trips planned in the near future. Will see about getting the DVD after I heard/saw more.

Speaking of DVDs - another version of the LOTR trilogy, eh? Of course we all know that I won't be able to resist the 300 minutes of behind-the-scenes material by Costa Botes... the first one of which was shown at a NZ film festival a couple of years ago. I am thinking about cancelling my order for the 12" Aragorn by Sideshow though - to curb my spendings, but also a bit in protest against the lack of quality (aka lookalikeability - there, I coined a new word!) in their 12" and Premium Figures series.

Ah yes, spendings - I'll not only go to RingCon in November *crosses fingers, toes etc. for Elijah not to cancel*, but also to Serenity3 in September. Unfortunately [ profile] serenitysangel already has another con close to that date and has met all the Serenity3 guests before, and I don't really know any other Firefly fans, but a friend of hers very kindly agreed to show me the ropes - this is the first "big" con for me. *huggles them both* I'm very excited! This con will also start off a three-week holiday (which I'll dearly need by then - OMGCANTWAIT!!!), of which I'll spend two in the UK. It will probably end with a brief visit to Collectormania 10 together with [ profile] serenitysangel. :) Still working on the details, but between these events, my first ever visit to [ profile] ismenin and a birthday visit to [ profile] serenitysangel and Queen of Evil, there isn't much time left. Am thinking about stopping a day in Glastonbury on the way to Issi though - it's been too long since my last visit to Avalon, and I'm sure even a brief visit will help me recharge my batteries!

I have such an urge to be creative currently - but have so many other things going on too. Ack. I may go back to (relative) silence again soon, just so I can find a little time at least to dive in. At least I've been generally feeling more energetic and rested this last week or so, than I did for a long while before that. See - this little thornbush cactus flower thrives on warm temperatures! :D

And last but not least, from flora to fauna: These news probably are as fascinating to Dom as they are to me! ;)

Right, work now - more play later. *huggles flist*
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I finally got around to read this USAToday article and they have some more details about what we can expect from the Lost action figures. Some quotes:

"Ideally, we want to have multiple series," McFarlane says. "But you want to get out of the gate strong. You've got to have the top two — Kate and Jack — but then I don't want to burn off all the top people. I'll probably do Sawyer with his shirt off for Series 2."

This will make [ profile] serenitysangel very happy I'm sure. ;) Now they better have Jin shirtless too!!!

Some cast members were more excited about the prospect of becoming toys than others. "You have those that get it and those that don't," says McFarlane, who spent an hour with each actor. "Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) were real geeks who got it."

The one who didn't get it: Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

"He has that kind of anti-commercial thing," McFarlane says.

LOL somehow I'm not surprised!

Current ETA to the Lost Season 2 finale: 50 min 14 s
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Whooohoooo, Senator Film picked up Paris je t'aime for Germany!

From a Hollywood Reporter article about their deals in Cannes:

The group also picked up a couple of festival titles, including the Un Certain Regard opener "Paris je t'aime" and Richard Linklater's In Competition entry "Fast Food Nation."

Guess it's looking good for it coming to Switzerland too then! *crosses fingers tightly*

OMG!!!!! It's already listed for Swiss release on 21 September!!!!! *bounce bounce bounce* Of course that's when I've thought to go to the UK (Serenity Squared is the weekend before IIRC), but maybe it'll (still) be in cinemas over there at that point, or then it's on in Switzerland long enough so I can go see it when I get back... *crossing fingers*

And I hope that during lunch break I can start watching the Lost Season 2 finale... eeeeep!
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who I got! :D )

Oooooooooh details about the Lost Season 2 DVDs!!! Including, ooohhhh:

FIRE AND WATER: ANATOMY OF AN EPISODE: Follows the creation of a 'Lost' episode from script to finish.

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