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Saw the SherlockSpecial at the cinema tonight, which was great. But now I don't have anyone to discuss it with, which is not great! Oh how I long for the days of fan meetups for these things...

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Just wanted to drop in quickly to wish my LJ friends all the best for the New Year. May 2016 be full of good things and joy for you and yours! :)

Now to wait four - technically three, seeing as it's after midnight - more days for the cinema screening of the SherlockSpecial! I can hardly wait...

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From the official PBS twitter:

I hope I'll be able to watch it online somewhere once it aired, as we don't have any TV connection currently.

I know I know, I still need to put together a fandom post... although by now both The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug and Sherlock S3 are almost an old hat (well, S3E3 of the latter aired in the US tonight, but many Americans have seen it already anyway...) but I would still like to put down some of my reactions/thoughts. As much as I remember them, hee. Oh, and Benedict has written the foreward for Weta's upcoming book about the design/creation of Smaug for DoS - can't wait to hold that book in my greedy little hands!
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There's the regular version:

and then there's the interactive trailer with bonus content! It can be found at http://www.wirewax.com/sherlock

USING THE “051113” CODE:
1.at the 0:05 mark, hover your cursor near sherlock’s name until this lock appears
2.type in 051113
3.boom! unlocked content

source of code

Is it Christmas/January 1 yet????!!!! :D

Also check out Sherlockology's worldwide Sherlock S3 airdate guide!
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Readers, ask ‘Hobbit’ stars your question via TORn!

DECEMBER 1, 2013 at 8:31 PM BY MRCERE -

LOS ANGELES – TheOneRing.net will sit down (and stand up) with stars of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” tomorrow and since we are representing fans, it seemed only appropriate to let fans submit some questions.
Interviews will play later in the week via video but we need your questions right away, in the next 12 hours.
If you want to submit a question, follow the above link for details.

Also, the Sherlock S3 airdates were finally announced by the BBC:

SHERLOCK S3 UK TV PREMIERE AIRDATES REVEALED! - and in a very cool way, too!

If you're in a rush and just want to know the dates, here you go:

S3E1: The Empty Hearse will air January 1 2014.
S3E2: The Sign of Three will air January 5 2014.
S3E3: His Last Vow will air January 12 2014.

The exact times for broadcast are currently unknown. The BBC are set to confirm scheduling for their festive programming from December 4 2013.

Only a month now!!!! :D
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Read more... )

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Right, first of all here's a panel that Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue did for Nerd HQ after the official Sherlock panel. There are some references to ACD canon characters/events as relevant for S3, but no real spoilers otherwise:

Also, the titles of the three episodes have been confirmed: )

Then here's something from the official Sherlock panel that might disappear again - they showed a clip of S3E2! No video, but someone uploaded an audio recording of it to Youtube, and here is a transcript. For those spoiler-free who know which ACD story the S3E2 title was inspired by, you know about the new character and the significant event taking place in this clip, so you should be safe listening/reading. The scene is mostly John and Sherlock and just from the audio I can say OMGOMGOMG IT IS SO GOOD AND FUNNY AND AWWW AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS SCENE!!!!

When is it S3 airtime yet?!


Jan. 27th, 2013 12:49 am
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@arwelwjones Arwel Wyn Jones 25 Jan
A not so empty studio! Been a busy week already. pic.twitter.com/6dFnaIP6

That's the 221B Baker Street set from Sherlock, in case you didn't recognise it. Seems they're gearing up for the start of shooting in March - wheee!!! :)
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Peter Jackson responds to critics of ‘Hobbit’ footage

Bilbo and Smaug in ‘Sherlock’ season 2 starting Sunday - Americans, watch it on PBS if you can! It will again be edited down slightly to fit into the timeslot despite commercials, but I hope it will still be great!

Benedict Cumberbatch: I've been fighting doing Dracula - OMG PLEASE DON'T RESIST!!! I would kill to see him as a vampire! *drools* And I know I'm not the only one by far! I'd prefer if it was something other than Dracula, though.

Sadly I was unable to get any of the tickets that PBS were having a drawing for (apparently they had 10000 people write in for the 300 tickets they had!), but thankfully they did a livestream of the event that is mentioned in the following article, so I got to enjoy it vicariously. I was thrilled to see that one of the mods and organizers of SherlockNYC got to ask a question! *bounce* Anyway, here's the brief Radio Times article - Benedict is his usual gracious and wonderful self: Benedict Cumberbatch: "There's room enough for two Sherlocks, so why not three?". Includes a video clip at the end which jumps into the middle, to aforementioned SherlockNYC mod's question, but do jump back to the very beginning, as it was a very interesting Q&A. :)

PS: You can watch the full thing on Youtube, in four parts: One / Two / Three / Four

Role to Role, From Sherlock to ‘Star Trek’

Major Star Trek Sequel Spoilers - the second of three has to do with the role Benedict plays, which has so far not officially been announced. It's pretty much what has been speculated a lot (though reportedly it's not a rehash). There's one other casting spoiler and also info about a race that will be appearing, so if it's only plot spoilers you're worried about, you're safe to read this article.
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Trawling through all the Sherlock icons posts I had bookmarked over the past goodness knows how many months, and slowly adding to my collection *points to current icon*. What I'm still looking for is a good animated version of this, from A Scandal in Belgravia:

Sadly the ones I have found so far are either too small (#009 and 010), or too short/jerky (#52)! *sigh* If any of my fellow Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch fans happen to come across a good version, please point it out to me? Thanks a lot!
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God, Benedict and Martin just kill me. *sniffles*
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For my fellow fans in the US, you can download the S2 schedule for May from PBS in PDF format here.

As for S3, according to Digital Spy: 'Sherlock' series three to shoot in early 2013. Another wait of >1 year, but not surprising considering everyone's schedules!

*uses occasion to pimp her first S2 icon - more to follow once she had time to wade through all the icon posts she bookmarked in the past 2 1/2 months*

I also have some Hobbit/Cumberbatch/Mortensen related tidbits to post - hopefully I'll finally get around to it/remember over the weekend.
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Had my first encounter with a chip-and-pin/self-checkout machine yesterday at a CVS. Yes, it immediately made me think of a certain scene in Sherlock. /hopeless geek Thankfully I got through checkout without shouting abuse at the machine though. ;)
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Oh.My.God. SO RELIEVED that even though it was by the same writer as my least favourite ep, "The Blind Banker", "The Reichenbach Fall" is soooo much better!

Spoilers behind the cut )

Now I'll have to rewatch all three episodes in a row. Frequently. At least the DVD will be released soon in the UK - I preordered it already at Amazon.co.uk, of course, and once it's here, it'll be a 6 episode marathon. Until Season 3 is here. How long will that be?! *whine*
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Ahahahaa the British acting world really is tiny... I found a picture of Lara Pulver (Irene Adler, "A Scandal in Belgravia") and Bertie Carvel (Sebastian Wilkes, "The Blind Banker") on IMDB", clearly from a play they were in together. Oooh, wouldn't that make a neat fan fic prompt, considering Irene's profession in this incarnation, and Sebastian's position at the bank... hee hee.
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"Hounds of Baskerville" was amazing! So many moments to love: canon references, John/Sherlock shippy stuff, character moments, suspense and intrigue, Benedict's amazing acting in that scene... All that and more fan service - thank you, Mark Gatiss!! :D The very ending - WTF was going on there, Mycroft?! Is it next Sunday yet?! omg "Reichenbach Fall" better not suck...
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Watched Sherlock 2.01 "A Scandal in Belgravia". OMG so much squee - and not only about the fandom service that Steven Moffat provided with his script! ;) Behind the cut to be on the safe side, even though there are no plot spoilers ) And we finally got to see some of Sherlock's bedroom (so surprisingly neat) and Mrs. Hudson's flat! Will have to watch it again asap! omg can't wait until next Sunday!!!

But now it's the Lord of the Rings EE on bluRay - which I have to admit, really does look spectacular! Almost through Fellowship of the Ring, so it's The Two Towers next, and I guess Return of the King tomorrow! :D

Hope you all had a good start to the new year!
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This year it's Bilbo's task to be the bearer of holiday wishes... :) Click for the full size version.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all! ♥

Any guesses who that tall stranger is that Bilbo would like to impress? ;)
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Between all the new stuff for The Hobbit and Sherlock, I'm starting to think they're trying to kill me! ;D

"I've missed something, haven't I?" - Oh, John!!! ♥♥♥
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omgomgomg these last few days have been filled with fandom squee, between the Hobbit trailer and a flurry of Sherlock S2 trailers and clips! Which I will inflict on you here, because I may spontaneously combust if I don't spread the squee, and that would make a certain someone very sad! ;D

So here we go:

Steven Moffat interview with two Scandal in Belgravia clips )

Scandal in Belgravia clip 1 )

Scandal in Belgravia clip 2 )

Trailer 1 Rush Relents Rock )

Trailer 2 Run Rocks Shelter )

Trailer 3 Reckless Nor Hurt )

Trailer 4 Secret Horns Lurk )

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