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The first one is from back in July, regarding the mystery around Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in the upcoming Star Trek film:

Bones Reveals 'Star Trek' Sequel's Villain - Karl Urban Slips in Praising Benedict Cumberbatch

Obviously if you don't want to know who Benedict will play, don't read this one - even if we don't know whether it was a real slip-up or a clever ruse. The man himself is still keeping mum on the subject as of recent interviews.

The second one is from just a few days ago:

Exclusive: Sequel Title Confirmed – ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Ah, Karl Urban and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same film... my brain may short out if they actually get to share the screen (which if what Karl said is true, is highly likely)!
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Cumberbatch to play villain in 'Star Trek 2'
'Tinker Tailor' thesp cast in J.J. Abrams-helmed sci-fier

This is AWESOME!!! So happy for Benedict - I can't wait to see him play a big baddie role! I hope we'll soon hear who the villain is. There was talk about Khan, but I don't think that has actually been confirmed?

Oh boy, if Benedict and Karl Urban were to appear on screen at the same time, I may spontaneously combust from hotness overload...
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From IESB.net - they talked to some of the cast, including Leonard Nimony, who had the following to say about Karl's performance as Bones:

When Karl Urban introduced himself as Leonard McCoy and shook hands with Chris Pine, I burst into tears. That performance of his, as Doctor McCoy, is so moving, so touching and so powerful that I think DeForest Kelley would be smiling, and maybe in tears as well.

I think there could hardly be any higher praise!!!! *beams* Read the rest of the interview, it's quite interesting.

On the other hand, Wolverine doesn't get high praise from the Hollywood Reporter... that's putting it mildly. Review is here (no time to copy/paste, sorry).

EDIT: And the Variety review is here - maybe a tiny bit less negative than the HR review, if you squint.
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Waiting for our CMS to finish rebooting, so here's the HR review for Star Trek:

Film Review: Star Trek
By Ray Bennett, April 20, 2009 06:56 ET

Bottom Line: J.J. Abrams gives the Starship Enterprise all it's got, and it's more than enough.
LONDON -- Putting a much-loved but over-the-hill vehicle back in shape takes more than a new battery and a lick of paint. It demands a full-bore refit, and that's exactly what J.J. Abrams has given "Star Trek."

Paced at warp speed with spectacular action sequences rendered brilliantly and with a cast so expert that all the familiar characters are instantly identifiable, the film gives Paramount Pictures a new lease of life on its franchise.

Read more... )

Haven't seen anything at Variety yet. I've only scanned other reviews so far, but it seems they're generally positive, and many of them mention Karl Urban being particularly convincing as Bones. Like this blogger:

And the actors hired do a great job of invoking the essences of their respective characters. Not the original actors, but the characters. So no, Chris Pine does not get all Shatnerian on your Trekkie Trekker Trekkie ass. But he does capture the spirit of Kirk.

That said, there is one exception – Karl Urban, who plays medical cadet Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. I recently watched a clip that features an dialogue exchange between his character and Pine’s Kirk.

Holy crap.

It’s like the ghost of DeForest Kelley got all Sam Wheat into Urban’s flesh suit. The man has all of Kelley’s facial expressions, vocal inflections, and body language down pat. And it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t detract from the performance. Instead, you watch the clip going, “Holy crap, it’s Bones!”

Check out the clip of Kirk and McCoy's first meeting that he linked at the end, if you haven't seen it yet. :D
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A clip on the website of German "Spiegel" magazine from the Berlin premiere of Star Trek - Karl speaks some German at the end, and he's pretty damn good too! ♥

For those who don't know, his father is German. :)

What he says is:

Karl: "I would like to tell you... John Cho doesn't speak any German. You're an idiot, John."

John Cho: "Thank you, Karl."

Karl: "You stink... but I love you. Thanks."


There's lots of pics and reports and clips of the various premieres over at [livejournal.com profile] karl_uncensored, but the entries are all members only, I'm afraid. Will try to post some links here too though, over the weekend.
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how much I love these guys!!!


Mermaid dream comes true thanks to Weta
By MATT CALMAN - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Nadya Vessey lost her legs as a child but now she swims like a mermaid.

Ms Vessey's mermaid tail was created by Wellington-based film industry wizards Weta Workshop after the Auckland woman wrote to them two years ago asking if they could make her a prosthetic tail. She was astounded when they agreed.

Read more... )

There's a picture of the finished mermaid tail at the link above. I just... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Oh, and... http://www.stuff.co.nz/northland/4858577a22378.html

Marae stay for movie star
Northern News | Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Kiwi movie star spent a weekend at Ururangi Marae in Awarua last week to learn more about his wife’s cultural heritage.

Read more... )

I didn't know his wife was Maori. Do go to the link to drool over the gorgeous new picture they included!
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omg I really can't wait to see this myself... only copying the Karl related bits over here, go to the links for more info

Star Trek: four full scenes and new trailer reviewed

Pine is good as Kirk, Urban is UNCANNY as McCoy, Quinto has got Spock's icy reservation and underlying anger nailed, the effects look more like GREAT model-work than ropey CGI and I'm just about as impatient for May 2009 as I can be...


Kirk's friend Doctor McCoy (Karl Urban, who REALLY nails DeForest Kelley's voice and mannerisms) [...]

Star Trek Trailer: A Short Review

Karl Urban nails, totally nails, McCoy. I suspect this, not Pine or Quinto, will be the performance people are talking about once this movie opens.

Squeeeeee!!! According to this second review, the trailer will be available online on Monday. *grabby hands*

ETA: More praise for Karl from the same source as the first article above:

Star Trek: I'm a doctor, not a lookalike

So having already praised Karl Urban's take on the role, I just wanted to add how pleased I was yesterday to see so much of DeForest Kelley in his interpretation of Bones. Urban's not a bad match, facially (though there is a better one), but he has made a big effort to recall McCoy's gruff voice, mobile eyebrow and incessant moaning (always happily followed by practical, useful action). Last sentence cut for mild spoiler. )
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'Road' may not be done in time for '08
Execs to meet Thursday to discuss film's release

By Steven Zeitchik

Oct 15, 2008, 10:50 PM ET
The Viggo Mortensen dark thriller "The Road," a Dimension title from the Weinstein Co., originally was set for a Nov. 14 limited and Nov. 26 wide release. Now it quietly has been shifted until at least December -- and might be moved out of 2008 altogether.

Read more... )

In better news: A first snapshot from the new Star Trek prequel featuring Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy... and omg his body language and expression is priceless!!!

Convince yourself - no story spoilers ) You can find more pics here, including another one featuring Karl.

Night night!
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Still without internet at home since I'm having problems with getting it to work, though at least the new harddisc is mounted and Windows installed. Won't have time to fiddle with it tonight either since we have a team dinner, sort of a goodbye affair for one of our project managers who's transferring internally to another team at our other office near Zurich. She'll still be here until about mid November, but will be absent a lot, hence we're doing this now in case there's no other occasion later.

Saturday I went out for pizza with my best friend and a friend of hers who's joined us before, occasionally. After a brief stop at my flat due to being finished too early to go on, we went to a club that we knew from waaaay back, but which has been closed for some years. They're not letting in anyone under 20 - hooray, no kindergarten! The music was pretty good so we got to dance some, and we had lots of fun and laughter, part of which thanks to one of the IT guys from my workplace who we already knew from our going-out-regularly times, and who's very cheeky. It's been ages since we did anything like this, so it was really great.

Weather is blah - we got lots of rain over the weekend and higher up some snow, down to a little lower than the treeline, though thank goodness not down in the valley as was predicted. Still, it's pretty cool. Autumn's definitely arrived!

Anyway - work! Hopefully I'll soon be back online at home!

PS: This is SO well deserved!!! If you haven't seen the film yet, do try and get it on DVD - it's out in several countries. It's not an easy entertainment kind of film, but it's very well done with great performances all around. Congratulations to Karl and the whole team!
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Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool News got a few exclusive glimpses of J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film! The full report is here, containing some minor spoilers but it's random tidbits out of context which can't spoil the plot, IMHO. But I just had to quote what he said about Karl Urban, who of course plays McCoy:

But then there’s McCoy – when you see McCoy… you’ll realize how metaphysically perfect Karl Urban was for the casting of the character. He’s got that right cantankerous, best buddy, ethical, but anything for his friend type of doc attitude – and he has it down pat. He’s helping Jim to get onto a ship, but in a million years I wouldn’t spoil that. It’s funny, without being ridiculous. And it begins to exhibit the early kernels of a classic Bones/Kirk interaction. Best friends with a history – and perhaps this moment is a key moment of that history. The favor that launched a career? Perhaps that is what I saw.

Eeeeeeeeh!!! :D

Also about Karl, from this article about the charity KidsCan:

The charity also plans to start a "Stand Tall" initiative in August to give children excursions with high achievers such as Williams, TV3 journalist Mike McRoberts and Kiwi-born Hollywood actor Karl Urban.

"It's for kids who have never got past the corner dairy, to go on excursions with successful people," Mrs Helson said.

"They are going to learn values, goal-setting and things that are going to help motivate them to achieve."

Mr Nicholls said such role models showed students they could do anything.

Lucky kid that gets the excursion with Karl!

On to Neal McDonough - did I mention that I saw Tin Man in the meantime? Probably not. Ramblings about it behind the cut )

*ahem* Anyway, this is what I wanted to post:

Neal McDonough moving to 'Housewives'

Neal is another one of those talented actors who's been in several canceled TV series, so go him for getting a regular role on an established series, but did it have to be Housewives???!!! *sigh* (In case it wasn't clear from that comment, no, I don't like that series and frankly don't get why it's so successful.)

Right, I need to go, some more Hobbit related stuff later. See ya, have a great Saturday!
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Urban, Pine join Abrams' 'Star Trek'New Kirk opts out of Clooney-Carnahan 'Jazz' Film
By Borys Kit

Oct 18, 2007

Karl Urban is strapping on a stethoscope to play Leonard "Bones" McCoy, the Starship's Enterprise's medical officer, in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" feature for Paramount.

Chris Pine, meanwhile, closed his deal to star as the young Captain Kirk. He had been in talks to play Kirk as well as a role opposite George Clooney in Joe Carnahan's "White Jazz" (HR 10/10). The two movies overlapped, and Pine was forced to choose between them, opting to make the "Trek."

Abrams has been furiously casting "Trek," with John Cho, Simon Pegg and Eric Bana joining the film last week.

Also on board are Zoe Saldana as the young Uhura, Anton Yelchin as the young Chekov and Zachary Quinto as the young Spock. Leonard Nimoy, who originated the role of Spock, also will be part of the film.

The movie is expected to shoot from November-March.

Plot details are begin kept under wraps, but it is understood that the movie chronicles the early days of the Enterprise crew.

The character of McCoy, originated by DeForest Kelley, didn't trust advanced technology and frequently sparred with Spock in debates of logic vs. emotion. Bones also was responsible for several of "Trek's" catchphases, including "He's dead, Jim" and "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ...," ending in a profession in which he had no training.

Urban, from New Zealand, played Eomer in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. His feature credits include "The Bourne Supremacy" and "Pathfinder."

He is repped by Endeavor, the Firm and Colden, McKuin and Frankel.
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Karl is pretty certainly going to play "Bones"! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] trailer_spot for pointing this out:


Karl Urban Confirmed as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy!

Written by Stephanie Sanchez
Tuesday, 16 October 2007

You heard it here first last week, about Karl Urban’s involvement in JJ Abrams' magical mystery trek through the stars, now AICN is also confirming the story, Karl Urban will play Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

It’s funny how the internet works, a couple of weeks ago the IESB broke the news that Karl Urban had been offered a role in Star Trek. At that time, we had been told that it was for the villain. Last week, we broke the news that it was indeed for the role of Dr. McCoy, funny thing is another website posted our news a few hours later claiming that they had broken the story. Well, I guess that is how this business works.

Well, it’s not worth crying over spilled milk, I will save my tears for another day. Again, we are still awaiting an official “trade announcement” from either Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, but dammit Jim I'm an entertainment news site not a trade publication and Karl Urban will be Dr. McCoy!

And here's the AICN article they're referring to:


He's Cast, Jim!! McCoy, Leonard H (Son Of David) Will Be Played By...

Merrick here...


You may've seen him in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, THE LORD OF THE RINGS (THE TWO TOWERS & RETURN OF THE KING), playing opposite The Rock in DOOM, or as the lead in PATHFINDER.

We heard RUMORS ABOUT THIS last week. Now, one of my main dudes tells us Urban-"Bones" is "pretty much a done deal".

It'll be odd seeing Mr. Dark&Hunky-Action-Man playing a laid-back, peaceful country doctor. Presuming, of course, the character is patterned after DeForest Kelley's phenominal approach.

Huh - it better be, because it wouldn't make sense otherwise, would it? And those of us who have seen Karl in The Price of Milk know that he can play other roles than Mr. Dark&Hunky-Action-Man. :)
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For [livejournal.com profile] lilithlotr and other fans of Jared Leto:


Zurich honors Schaefer's 'Chapter'
Chapman film wins Debut Feature prize


Helmer Jarrett Schaefer's "Chapter 27," about John Lennon's assassin Mark David Chapman, won the Debut Feature prize at the third Zurich Film Festival on Saturday.
The drama, starring Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan, preemed at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Read more... )

I posted a report about Daniel Dae Kim's visit to the Pusan International Film Festival at [livejournal.com profile] danieldaekim.

Then here's a report about Karl being in talks for the role of Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy in J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film. They mention him currently filming Black Water Transit, so I guess that could be the reason why he had to cancel RingCon.

And last but not least, Ian McKellen confirms he'd love to play Gandalf in The Hobbit, even if PJ weren't directing it:

McKellen keen to be Gandalf in 'Hobbit'
Monday, October 15 2007, 12:10 BST

By Alex Fletcher

Sir Ian McKellen has said that he would like to reprise the role of Gandalf if there is a movie adaptation of The Hobbit.

Read more... )
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Karl had to cancel RingCon because he got a new role. I mean it's great that he has work but NOT ON SUCH SHORT NOTICE DAMMIT!!! *sob*

The post from the RingCon site:

Unfortunately Karl Urban cancelled Ring*Con 2007 due to work comittments. We are very sorry about this, but this is the nature of the movie business. We had a wonderful replacement last night - but only for 2 hours. We locked in Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue) but 2 hours later the agent informed us, that he has to start work on a new movie on October 11, 2007!!! We are working round the clock and hope to present a replacement for you soon.

I would have loved to see Brad (though by far not as much as Karl of course...) - so it's also disappointing that they couldn't get him. I do hope they can get a hold of someone interesting - though if they had problems finding guests before...


ETA: Well at least they got a good replacement guest (though of course he can't make up for the lack of Karl): Andy Serkis!!!


Jul. 26th, 2007 10:12 am
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The makers of documentary Reclaiming the Blade (which I mentioned previously) have interviewed Karl and Viggo! :D

With principle photography from both our US and London crew now almost complete and the post-production process well under way, this film on Renaissance Martial Arts is scheduled for winter release 2007.

I do hope it will be released on DVD soon afterwards!
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Posted: Thurs., Jun. 7, 2007, 8:12am PT

Metrodome takes 'Out of the Blue'
Kiwi pic directed by Sarkies


LONDON -- Metrodome Distribution has acquired all U.K. rights to the New Zealand drama "Out of the Blue," directed by Robert Sarkies.

Pic is based on the true story of a man who shot and killed a dozen people in his small home town on New Zealand's South Island.

It premiered at Toronto last fall, and grossed $1.1 million on theatrical release in New Zealand.

Metrodome bought the movie from NZ Film, which has also sold German rights to Capelight Film. The Weinstein Co. and IFC jointly acquired North American rights.

Whoooohooooo - Karl Urban stars in this! I so hope I can see it, heard good things about it and Karl's performance... *crosses fingers* And perfect timing too - it's his birthday today. :D
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There will be two editions, both released on July 31st:


Some details about the extras of both editions here. They're not very complimentary of the film, to say the least, but what I saw of it (a rather bad copy), I don't know why so many people pan it so much. It's nowhere near Oscar worthy, but I liked it. No, not only because Karl runs around half-naked durnig most of it. And no, I did not use this mood on purpose because it features Karl... ;)
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Mission accomplished, 3000-word report delivered with almost 5 hours to spare to the deadline And about 5 hours of sleep last night... *promptly falls asleep at the desk*! \o/ Will be very happy when I get marks in the 70ish range, considering the epic rush, LOL!

What's the weather/temperature like, and expected to be like the coming weekend, in London? I have noooo idea what clothes to pack... thank goodness I have my standard packing list, that will make things easier, but it will still be another epic rush no doubt. I particularly don't know if I should take the small suitcase or the slightly bigger one. If I can fit everything in the small suitcase, I can take it as hand luggage, and I guess I could squash the rucksack in, in case I'll have more luggage on the way home, and check the suitcase then. I do want to go to Forbidden Planet to get the Charlie and Jin action figures, if possible, and those packages take up lots of space. omg what do I wear to the Give it a Name festival on Friday?! And I need something slightly elegant for Equus. Which probably means another pair of shoes... Ack, will have to see. Get both suitcases down from the attic, then pile up everything I need to take, then decide which suitcase. And of course my skin is looking particularly nice - not - just before this trip. Ah well. I'll stop rambling now. [livejournal.com profile] lilithlotr, be warned that I may fall asleep on my feet tomorrow! :)

And in case some of you haven't heard yet... Karl Urban will come to RingCon!!!! *flail whimper flail* German / English *cross your fingers for [livejournal.com profile] samena and me that there will be no scheduling conflicts on his part, please? :)
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Good morning, world, I sure hope you had a better night than me. This tossing-and-turning sleep gets tiring, very literally so... Guess it's really time to get that new mattress. *sigh*

Found on TORn:

News for Apr. 16, 2007

Sam Raimi Talks 'The Hobbit'...Sorta

4/16/07, 7:18 pm EST - Xoanon

From comingsoon.net (via Entertainment Weekly): Entertainment Weekly talked to Spider-Man 3 director Sam Raimi, star Kirsten Dunst, and Sony's President of Production Matt Tolmach about a possible fourth installment and what would happen if Raimi took on The Hobbit.
On the eve of what is expected to be the biggest Spider-Man yet, Entertainment Weekly learns that director Sam Raimi is seriously considering directing The Hobbit—a choice that could potentially leave Spidey 4 without a director and, says Kirsten Dunst, a leading lady.

Raimi's name has been floated in connection with The Hobbit ever since a very public dustup between Peter Jackson and New Line chairman Bob Shaye left the Lord of the Rings prequel without a director. Raimi went on the record for the first time about his potential involvement in the project during an exclusive interview with EW's Steve Daly for the magazine's Summer Preview issue, on stands Friday: "Peter Jackson might be the best filmmaker on the planet right now. But, um, I don't know what's going to happen next for me right now. First and foremost, those are Peter Jackson and Bob Shaye's films. If Peter didn't want to do it, and Bob wanted me to do it—and they were both ok with me picking up the reigns—that would be great. I love the book. It's maybe a more kid-friendly story than the others."

Hats off, Sam, that's very decent of you! Now how about you agree to do it and then get PJ as your assistant director... ? ;)

Speaking of LotR related films, I finally saw The Price of Milk last night - omg I just wanted to squish Karl all the way through! Awwww! Nice butt shot too, hee hee! Oh and that part when he was just squeaking... *giggles madly* Nice to see Lawrence without make-up, even in a small role. I hope I didn't keep my downstairs neighbours awake with my laughter - I finished watching shortly before midnight - but then again they're an elderly couple and judging from the volume they watch their TV on, their hearing isn't so good anymore. :)

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